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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Kendra & the Bunnies’ New Single “Silent Sleeper”

By: Staff –

Emerging singer-songwriter Kendra & the Bunnies is back with her newest single entitled “Silent Sleeper”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

Founded on the notion of waking up within one’s own dreams, “Silent Sleeper” is a tale of bringing the peaceful bliss of desired reality out from the mind into the shared experience of day-to-day life. Throughout the journey of the single, Kendra & the Bunnies transports us into a trance-like musical experience. Like the sound of a music box that spins and spins and spins, we find ourselves in that fantastical place where mystical spirit revels. To follow one’s pursuits, to take manifestations by the hand, to set intention within the dream-world, to wake one’s self into the re-invigoration of life. “Silent Sleeper” reminds you where your soul’s song lives within your own dreams.

Frontwoman Kendra Muecke is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, poet and published novelist performing under the act name of Kendra & the Bunnies. Based in Los Angeles, her mission is to bring about peaceful gathering of community through song. Kendra’s sound is composed with the musical notes of singing, spoken word, guitar, rooted within the blend of Folk-Americana and New-School Blues. There’s a lot of storytelling prevalent in the creation and continuation within her music, exemplifying the roots of her our own musical stylings over the generations.


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