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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Jelly Kelly’s New Single “Dum Fun”

By: Staff –

Emerging Brooklyn-based indie band Jelly Kelly is back with their new single “Dum Fun, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“Dum Fun” is essentially about fulfilling the role of other people’s expectations of who they think you are rather than being who you really are, and then sometimes having a hard time shaking that identity and this strange self manifested lifestyle you find yourself in. “I don’t even know who’s hand this is, Feeling the applause from phantom limbs” is a lyric from the track and it’s like being so detached your watching yourself as your own audience member,” said Jelly Kelly’s Keith Kelly.

Jelly Kelly is making waves in a big way. With a series of captivating singles and videos, as well their latest release, the group is going full steam into 2020. Their hook-heavy songs are what make Jelly Kelly a favorite in the New Year, and “Dum Fun,” is a perfect listen for newcomers. “Dum Fun,” is the next single off their critically acclaimed release Fresh Paint, that makes us fall in love with the band and Brooklyn all over again. Started by Keith Kelly, initially as a side project from singing and playing guitar in Monogold, this has now become its own entity and band. Jared Apuzzo drummer, Nicolas Dube guitar and Dom Bodo on bass. Listen in and listen loudly!


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