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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Erin Ponsonby’s New Single “Love Like The Movies”

By: Staff –

Emerging singer-songwriter Erin Ponsonby is back with her new single “Love Like The Movies”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“Love Like The Movies” discusses the idea of craving a romantic relationship like we see in the movies, and how Ponsonby feels as if in today’s society chivalry and romance is disappearing.

Ponsonby likes to tell stories in her music, like “Love Like The Movies”, which stems from her love of country music, where storytelling is the main theme of their lyrics. “Love Like The Movies” was originally written as a country song but as it developed acquired more Pop features.

“Love Like The Movies” is best described as an upbeat and fun Acoustic Pop song, with a country twist andhas been compared to early Taylor Swift. Ponsonby began singing at a young age when she realised, she had a talent for singing, which led to her teaching herself guitar. Ponsonby uses music as an outlet to write about her personal experience through love, lust and heartbreak, and this is shown perfectly through “Love Like The Movies”.

A soft country style guitar melody is used throughout “Love Like The Movies”, which compliments her voice and allows the euphonious vocal to take the spotlight that it deserves. The layers of vocals, guitar and drums really adds to the country feel this song portrays.


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