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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Sky Keller’s New Single “High & Hurt”

By: Staff –

Emerging Los-Angeles based singer-songwriter Sky Keller is back with her new single “High & Hurt”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

With a fluidity that is seldom heard, Keller transcends the boundaries of alternative and electropop. Capturing the deep, emotional connection, Keller inspires us all to be candid about our shared collective stories and emotions, on par with her honest lyricism in each track. Filled with chance encounters, chasing life-long dreams and passions, Keller’s background is nothing but ordinary. Originally hailing from a small town in the backwoods of Connecticut, Sky grew up surrounding by music and eventually began penning music to paper at the age of 15. As time moved on and her passion for music grew, it was only inevitable for Keller to pack up her things and trek across the country to Los Angeles. Working as an RN, waiting and hoping that something would happen and propel her dreams as an artist forward, it was only by chance encounter in an Uber ride-share that brought Keller in to make the rounds at publishing companies, who were all enamored by her raw and emotional lyricism.

“High & Hurt” exemplifies Keller’s impeccably unique lyricism. A compelling alt-pop song that is sure to grab your attention with its honest lyrics and infectious beat, Keller brings a raw and emotional connection focusing on personal experience rather than fabricated ideas. “High & Hurt” captures the essence and that feeling you have for a stranger when really, you didn’t expect to feel anything at all. You connect with this person; you had high hopes, but in the end, you’re left with disappointment and a heavy heart. Everyone has a different way to deal with disappointment and heartache, but what’s important is that it’s ok to be down; it’s ok to embrace the full spectrum of emotions, the good and the bad. Things don’t always go the way we plan. And sometimes, we must learn how to deal with it. Either in isolation, or just keeping busy, or just getting high and hurting through the emotions.


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