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Stream Lido Pimienta’s New Track “Te Queria”

By: Staff –

Lido Pimienta. (Photo: Daniella Murillo)

Lido Pimienta has released “Te Queria,” the latest single and visual from her album Miss Colombia (out April 17). “Te Queria” is one of the 11 new and original songs on the record, which boldly celebrates Pimienta’s ecstatic musical hybridity of electronic meets cumbia, and is at once defiant and delicate, exploratory and confrontational. Watch the colorful lyric video for “Te Queria” below.

Pimienta says: “‘Te Quería’ is a song about moving on from those who won’t appreciate your light but still can see it enough in you to want to steal it. ‘Te Quería’ is what happens when the word hate won’t cut it, the word hate is too filthy to pronounce and I decided to make a riddle with the strength left in me, and here is a poem and a pouch full of pearls for your enjoyment.”

The new album is the follow-up to Lido’s 2017 Polaris Prize-winning La Papessa, and it is marked with similar political statements and personal introspection as a queer, Afro-Indigenous Colombian woman. Its title – Miss Colombia – was in-part inspired by the 2015 Miss Universe mishap in which Steve Harvey mistakenly crowned Miss Colombia, instead of Miss Philippines. It caused Lido to reflect on the anti-blackness she’s experienced, and how she was viewed as an outsider in adolescence as a “weird artistic tomboy.” The record was made and produced in Pimienta’s home studio in Toronto, as well as in the historic city of Palenque in Colombia, the first freed slave town to be established in the Americas. 



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