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Exclusive Premiere: Stream The Romaines’ Debut Self-Titled Album

By: Staff –

Channeling The Ramones (almost immediately, Dee Dee, of course), The Romaines pop up today with a fun new release for your radar. The group who is made up of John Romaine and Johnny Romaine, are a West Coast duo filled with Punk Rock fun. For the release, they channel The Ramones in the best way possible…by bringing an Island infused sound to the table. John and Johnny Romaine slow down Ramones songs, creating island vibes with ukulele and lap-steel guitar. They now hear all the words of the songs and know what they all mean. Instead of pounding drummer behind them, they hear the pulsing of the ocean, distant thumps of hand drums and shakers like palm leaves in the wind.  Surprisingly, they are indeed the same songs; before, after, and forever.

Their debut which is out today via digital outlets. The enjoyment doesn’t stop there; The Romaines cover a handful of Ramones songs, from “I Wanna Be Sedated” to “Blitzkrieg Bop,” as they will surely make your Quarantine time a lot more enjoyable. The project is vibrant and alluring as The Romaines put a new spin on the songs we fell in love with back in the heyday of Punk and Rock n’ Roll. It’s interesting to see where The Romaines will take the project, and our ears can only hope that we’ll at least get a round 2 of more songs from the band. The Romaines is out today. Play it loudly!

“We were drinking Mai Tais and listening to records one night, there was a big spill, and our Ramones and Don Ho records got fused together!” said the band. “It created some sort of scientific or magical reaction—when we got back to work on our Ramones cover band, things were never the same again.”


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