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Exclusive: Stream Ezra Jordan’s New Curated “Songs to Stay Inside With” Spotify Playlist

By: Staff 

To celebrate the release of his new EP, Cheap Therapy, Ezra Jordan has curated a new “Songs to Stay Inside With” playlist.

When it comes to adversity, Ezra Jordan knows a thing or two about it. Having suffered a traumatic and life threatening injury at the age of 18, Jordan’s life was put on hold to make way for 18 months of rehabilitation and recovery. It’s during this time that Jordan truly came into his own, both in terms of physical resilience, but also in terms of musical grit. Forced to pause his career as an incredibly talented pianist, Jordan sought alternative ways to express himself and stumbled upon some serious singing/songwriting talent.

While this latest career shift did come rather unexpectedly, it definitely wasn’t too much of a surprise. As the youngest child of two of Canada’s most notable singer-songwriters, Amy Sky and Marc Jordan, Jordan grew up surrounded by industry trailblazers and award winning producers. His natural home-grown musical affiliation resulted in him picking up the piano at the early age of four, while learning the drums, as well as the guitar.

Now, Jordan finds himself fully recovered, fully honed, and fully ready to launch into his next musical chapter – releasing his very first solo EP as a piano playing, singing-songwriting Canadian rockstar. With a strong musical background, killer talent, and a heartwarming story of resilience and strength, Jordan is set to top charts and win hearts the world over.

“These are some chilled out, relaxing, and thought-provoking songs that I like to listen to when I’ve got nothing to do but hang out around the house,” said Jordan. Stream the playlist below!

“Another Way Around” – Luca Fogale

I had the privilege of writing with Luca on a writing trip I took out on the west coast. He’s a beautiful writer with a remarkable way with words, and a really lovely and communicative way of delivering them when he sings. This song gives me a feeling of warm assurance.

“Hair Fall Down”  – Ezra Jordan

I wrote this song about a picture perfect weekend spent at my cottage with my girlfriend at the time, where we did nothing but spend time with each other and soak up the scenery. It was during that honeymoon phase where you can’t get enough of each other being there with each other surrounded by nature was a very magical moment.

“Slow Dancing In A Burning Room” – John Mayer

To me this is one the most beautiful songs ever written. I’ve loved every song on this record since the day I heard it, but I find the melancholy, longing guitar riff on this especially beautiful. You can’t help but sing along with it once you hear it.

“Dancing With Your Ghost”  – Sasha Sloan

I discovered Sasha Sloan recently, and I really like the way her voice always sounds so close up and intimate. This song has an interesting piece of imagery, which I am often reminded of when I spend a long stretch of time away from people. Plus it’s got a classic and crazily catchy chorus.

“Dreams” – Fleetwood Mac

How this song manages to be so upbeat and so laidback at the same time I’ll never know, but whenever I hear this song I just want to pour a drink and spin around in my kitchen until I get dizzy. I have spent a lot of mornings up in cottage country listening to this tune while making my coffee “Irish”.

“Hotel Shower” – Zoe Sky Jordan 

This song is actually by my sister, a wonderfully gifted songwriter in her own right. The inspiration for this song came from the culture shock of moving down to the traditionally conservative state of Tennessee from our home in Toronto. Listening to this song makes me appreciate how good we have it here at home.

“Get You” – Daniel Caesar

Daniel Caesar is one of my favourite artists to come out of Canada in a very long time. I’ve always aspired to be able to convey things the way that he does in his music, in such a simple and authentic way. 

“High Hope” – Patrick Droney

“High Hope” is an earnest message of hope wrapped in a soulful and succinct little bow. The way that Patrick Droney took some classic chords and grooves and tweaked just enough to be fresh and exciting is really well done.

“Only You” – Maths Time Joy, JMR 

Maths Time Joy is one of my favourite musicians when it comes to creating a sonic landscape and atmosphere for his music to sit in. It feels like you’re transported to another world built just for the existence of this song whenever I put his stuff on. 

“Belladonna” – Armando Young

It isn’t too often that I listen to a song and I have no idea how that artist made the sounds that I’m hearing. I listen to “Belladonna” when I feel like I need to get out of my usual patterns and go somewhere new, because this song conforms only to it’s own unique structure and sound palate.

“Grows Old” – Thirdstory 

Thirdstory always sing the most beautiful harmonies. This song spends almost the entire duration on one chord, while the melody and harmony is so rich that it keeps you interested anyway. Perfect song to listen to while you stay in one place, because the song does too.

“She Burns” – Foy Vance

Another one of those songs that I always go back to, “She Burns” has that slow building sense of urgency that I like to feel when I’m starting my day in absolutely no hurry. By the time the drums finally come in at the end, you should have summoned the will to get off of your couch and start getting things done!


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