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Exclusive: Stream Pyramid Tropic’s New Curated “An All The Way 80’s Film” Spotify Playlist

By: Staff 

Pyramid Tropic. (Photo: Jason Cipparrone)

To celebrate the release of their new single “Last Forever”, Toronto-based indie pop band Pyramid Tropic curated a new “An All The Way 80’s Film” playlist.

Fueled by late nights in basement studios and frequent runs to the local café for coffee, Pyramid Tropic is a study in contrasts. One member is known as the singer/songwriter of a Toronto-based indie pop band while the other is recognized for designing music production software used by programmers working with Bjork, Coldplay and Depeche Mode. The chemistry was instant and the creative rush resulted in a flood of tracks being completed in their respective studios.

“Your Silent Face” – New Order
This one will spin you into melancholic dreams.

“Souvenir” – Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
This song makes me wish I’d known enough to recognize it back when it was originally released.

“Vitamin C” – Can
A little out there when it comes to this list but required listening nonetheless.

“Somebody’s Baby” – Jackson Browne
“Fast Times At Ridgemont High.”

“Burnin’ For You” – Blue Oyster Cult
If only to go back in time and write the hooks for this one.

“More Than This” – Roxy Music
Reserved for those scenes when the romance is blossoming.

“Cherry Coloured Funk” – The Cocteau Twins
This just might be the one where the opening credits roll

“Don’t Go” – Yaz
Because every 80’s film has its quintessential party scene.

“Your Love” – The Outfield
Great feel both sonically and cinematically. You can almost see James Spader cruising down the freeway.

“In Your Eyes” – Peter Gabriel
It wouldn’t feel right to not include something that involves John Cusack at his most vulnerable. This song will forever be carved into the time and space of cerebral reverie courtesy of ‘Say Anything.’


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