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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Katie MAC’s New Single “No Fun”

By: Staff –

Emerging pop singer-songwriter Katie MAC is back with her new single “No Fun”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

With a heavy dose of bubble-gum pop and a sprinkle of relatable pop, Katie MAC fuses together your mid-western girl next door sensibilities with sharp lyricism that materializes into hook-driven pop songs that are both edgy and danceable. Her upcoming single, “No Fun”, takes Katie’s poignant writing style, churning out a healthy dose of danceable pop where it makes it easy for us to forget the chaotic mess of being kind of in love with someone, but not wanting to make it serious. On the surface, “No Fun” is light and catchy, meant to encompass that feeling of putting on your rose-colored glasses and just having fun – all the while ignoring the real-life consequences. But, scratching a little deeper, we come to hear that Katie is sharing her own honest and personal account of better herself and steering away from her own self-sabotaging tendencies – asking ourselves to do better day in and day out.

Kate’s debut album, Tears Like Glitter, was released in June of 2019, reaching over 500K plays within months. She continued to release music, which has been warmly received by her growing fan-base, generating well over a quarter million streams. But what makes Katie so unique, is that each track is taken from real life experiences. Her songs are all about her own life or people she loves, providing an internal layered glimpse into who she is as an artist. Tending to be very conversational and pointed and allowing herself, and how own fans to be true to themselves and express their own highs and lows.


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