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Exclusive: Stream Rushden & Diamonds’ New Curated Retro-Inspired Spotify Playlist!

By: Staff 

To celebrate the release of Vancouver-based alternative hip-hop duo Rushden & Diamonds’ new album, 2020 (Redux), the duo curated an exclusive Spotify playlist entitled Confident Vibes, featuring the best in 1980’s R&B, City Pop, Smooth Jazz and Vaportrap. Check it out here!

Michael Rushden (Emcee/Vocalist, Sampler, Graphic Designer, Songwriter)

The Whispers – “Keep On Lovin’ Me”
This is a nice one to set it off. “Keep On Lovin’ Me” is a classic, smooth yet funky cut from the veteran R&B quintet The Whispers. It’s hard to deny that this one fits perfectly as track #1 in our Confident Vibes playlist.

LNDN DRGS – “Skytel”
LNDN DRGS are a hip hop duo who also have strong ties to Vancouver. Their track Skytel mixes that confident 80’s R&B sound with raw west coast hip-hop. Inspiring to hear other artists effortlessly doing their thing on this rare wave.

The Emotions – “You’re The Best”
A nice chill cut from the classic Chicago R&B trio, The Emotions. Highly appropriate for track three in our Confident Vibes playlist.

Ramirez – “Six 4 Dreams”
Lord Diamonds recently put me on to Ramirez. Definitely feeling the blend of old Memphis style vocal snippets, crunchy drum programming and 80’s R&B sample cuts.

Howard Hewitt – “This Time”
Thought it was time to smooth it out again. Howard Hewitt brings that smooth jazz into the mix just right. This one has the classic Rushden & Diamonds feeling to it.

Donny Benét – “Second Dinner”
Big ups to Donny Benét, another artist who’s been keeping this feeling alive. Donny, who’s based out of Australia, recently dropped his new album Mr Experience. Definitely check that out.

Jeff Lorber – “Delevans”
Those who know, know. Jeff Lorber keeps the vibe in pocket with that classic 80’s smooth jazz sound. Transpose this one down a few notches and welcome to vaporwave.

Jaykin  – “Monte Carlo (feat. Jay Worthy)
Vancouver is in the house on this one. Jaykin featuring Jay Worthy of LNDN DRGS with production by U-Tern of Oliver. Confidence is the key!

Alfie Silas – “Let Me Be The One”
Funky, 80’s, smooth and confident. This one gets added to the list as we’ve never really overplayed this cut and it just kind of works overall.

System Olympia – “Falling In Love”
For a modern track, this one sure has that retro 80’s feel to it. I’m liking the sound of the vocalist on this one as well.

Letta Mbulu – “Nomalizo”
Letta Mbulu is a very talented and vibey artist from South Africa. I’m feeling like this one caps off my half of the list just right. Next up is Lord Diamonds exquisite list of absolute classics. Stay tuned people! – Michael

Lord Diamonds (Emcee/Vocalist, Programmer, Sampler, Songwriter)

Kashif – “Love Changes (with Meli’sa Morgan)” – Digitally Remastered 1998
Why thank you Michael. It is always an honor to be handed the mic in such a charismatic manor, ha! My first pick in our ever so confident playlist is none other than Kashif – “Love Changes”. Not just the regular version but that 1998 master though. This one’s levels are just that much better. I’ve always liked this cut and I hope everyone else listening out there does too!

高橋玲子 – “サンセット·ロード”
I’m not that familiar with Reiko Takahashi but I’ve got to say, this track keeps the vibe going perfectly. It’s also nice to find lesser known city pop tracks on Spotify. Best to keep on digging.

Rozz Dyliams – “Dominatrix”
Our friend Rozz Dyliams is a versatile artist who’s catalog is absolutely worth discovering if you haven’t so already. On “Dominatrix”, Rozz sets the vibe just right for our ever so confident playlist. Loving the crunchy production on this one too. Italo Disco vibes perhaps?

Jeff Lorber – “Kristen”
More Jeff Lorber because if Michael chose to play some Jeff Lorber I’m going to play some Jeff Lorber too. Always smooth, always a fan.

LNDN DRGS – “Feel Alright”
These guys really fit into this feeling well so it’s a no brainer we had to go back for more. Excellent track to put on when the sun is out. Just saying.

Rushden & Diamonds – “What You’re Used To (feat. Kutmasta Kurt, Moka Only)”
For our Confident Vibes playlist it would be unreasonable for us to not include our fresh new single “What You’re Used To (featuring Kutmasta Kurt and Moka Only)”. We crafted this one to have an uptempo summery feel, blending throwback hip-hop with 1980’s R&B soul. The classic Rushden & Diamonds vibe is strong with this one. Check out the Kutmasta Kurt Remix version on Spotify too.

Donny Benét – “Konichiwa”
It’s about time to throw a little more Donny in the mix. This one is my personal favorite. Konichiwa blends Donny Benét’s passionately smooth vocals with confident city pop and R&B production. Five stars.

Ramirez – “94.6 Kys Fm”
What else can I say, Ramirez flipped a classic cut, “Mutual Attraction” by Change and pulled it off effortlessly. This one is bound to slap in your ride. Confidence to the max.

Al Jarreau – “Fallin'”
And that’s a wrap! Thanks so much for listening to the Confident Vibes playlist. I thought this classic cut from Al Jarreau would be a nice smooth way to close it out. We hope you all enjoyed the tracks and make sure to check out Rushden & Diamonds – 2020 (Redux), our new album out now. Let’s keep this vibe going people. Stay confident. – Lord Diamonds


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