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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Jody Glenham’s New Video for “Barely Alive”

By: Staff –

Jody Glenham. (Photo: Brandon William Fletcher)

Emerging artist Jody Glenham is back with a new video for her track “Barely Alive”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

Glenham fuses hazy vintage tones with modern songwriting that wistfully drifts the listener into a vivid altered reality. Initially drawing comparisons to 90s band Mazzy Star and the more contemporary Sharon Van Etten, Glenham and her band, The Dreamers, have crafted a powerful live show that leaves audiences spellbound. Her dark alto texture gives her work a celestial, surreal quality.

“My friend, Cate Dunk, was the creative director and director/editor,” said Glenham. “Her vision was to make use of the ‘female gaze’ in a setting that is not normally that. Women, in bathing suits, in a pool. Inspiration was pulled from Charlotte Day Wilson’s video for ‘Work‘ as well as Solange’s video for ‘Don’t Touch My Hair‘. We consciously went without a hair and makeup team for this video.  Fun fact.. Cate has starred in a number of my videos and we enjoy creating together. She’s a phenomenal photographer and was growing more uncomfortable being in front of the lens. I can’t remember which one of us came up with it, but having her behind the camera instead of in front was a natural evolution to our creativity path.”


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