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Exclusive: Stream DYLYN’s New Curated Spotify Playlist

By: Staff 

To celebrate the release of DYLYN’s new single “Call Me What You Want”, the rising Toronto-based artist curated a brand new Spotify playlist, which you can stream below. 

DYLYN is Gwendolyn Lewis. With a father of British descent, a mother from the Chinese Mainland, and growing up on the outskirts of Toronto on a musical diet of Led Zeppelin and Blondie, DYLYN released her 80’s synth-rock infused debut EP “Sauvignon In a Kimono” (Home/Nettwerk) in 2018. Since its release, the lead single has quietly amassed an impressive YouTube profile – over 100 million streams.

2019 saw DYLYN traveling to Los Angeles and Vancouver to work with both Ryan Guldemond (Mother Mother) & Colin Munroe (Kendrick Lamar) writing and producing the material for her new album. According to Gwen, she wanted to evolve beyond the electro-pop sounds of her previous releases and explore the harder edged shadows of her creativity.

This darker, grittier side of DYLYN’s music is explored on her new single, “Call Me What You Want”.

“You Make My Dreams Come True” – Hall and Oates
This will always put me in a good mood. Whenever my brother and I are going through I rough time we send each other this song. It’s our bat signal, a reminder that you can always get out of the hole you’re buried in.

“The Chain” – Fleetwood Mac
This song has a lot of sentimental value to my best friend and me. When we were growing up in high school her mother showed us the Rumours record – life forever changed. This will always remind us of those summers driving with her mom… and the bridge bass solo SLAPS.

“Surfer Girl” – The Beach Boys
This is the first song I ever sang. I was in the first grade at a talent show, my memory is a bit blurry on how the show went but this song will forever remind me of my childhood, my happy place – it teleports me right back.

“How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” – Al Green
This song is one of my go-to break-up records. I can’t even count how many times I’ve listened to this while driving and tears rolling down my face. The violins are magical, and Al Green’s voice heals hearts.

“The Wanderer” – Dion
There’s a big freedom in the lyrics to this record – being on the road, free, and not settling down. I’ve always wanted to do my own version from a women’s perspective. It’s time to revive this classic for the girls.

“It’s Too Late” – Carole King
Had to put this on the list because I got to meet this legend! One of the greatest songwriters of our generation. She was the epitome of cool, intelligence, and grace. Whenever I put on Tapestry I smile – what a force of nature.

“When The Levee Breaks” – Led Zeppelin
I had to put this record on the list as it’s one of my favorite bands. I could have put any of their tunes on. This band is a big reason why I became an artist. They were the ones that blew the doors open to my rock and roll obsession. 13 years old I was introduced to “Early Days” and “Latter Days” – I cried and the rest is history.

“The Boys Wanna Be Her” – Peaches
This record was a big influencer on my last EP “Sauvignon and A Kimono”. Peaches delivery on this tune is so damn cool. An energy I’ve always searched to capture. One of those songs you put on and you feel immediately cool. What a rock and roll Queen.

“Let The Flames Begin” – Paramore
I’ve always loved Paramore but will specifically never forget this song. I was at their concert and somehow got roped into getting into the mosh pit. Long story short, I somehow fell down and thought I was going to die from being trampled on. I made it out but remember thinking, oh man is this the last song I’ll ever hear?

“Little Monster” – Royal Blood
Was a little late to the game discovering this band. I can’t believe the tones these guys have. It gives me that same feeling Rage did when I first heard “Bull On Parade”. Would love to see these guys play, there’s so much energy in these tracks. A perfect head bang band – turn it up to eleven.

“Cash Machine” – Oliver Tree
I love the way this guy writes. The melodies and the heavy Nirvana influence in some of the guitars. It’s great to see artists blending all genres together. He also seems like a cool hang. Would love to write with him.


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