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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Pat DiMeo’s New Single “Somebody New”

By: Staff –

Emerging artist Pat DiMeo is back with his new single “Somebody New”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“It’s a personal song for me,” said DiMeo. “It’s the questions one asks themselves when someone they once loved has moved on, you’re wondering if they’re still thinking of you. When writing the music for it, we were listening to a lot of Jonas Brothers, Harry Styles and The Chainsmokers.  Lyrically, this song is a combination of anxiety and jealousy. We took that into account by creating musical sections that play along with the words. Dre K is one of my best friends and produced the song. We’ve been writing/recording and releasing music together for over 10 years. This song was a lot of fun in particular since we got to experiment with different kinds of synth sounds. Although it’s quite a sad song, I feel it’s a song everyone can relate to at some point in their lives. I would love for people to enjoy and dance along to it.”

DiMeo is an established touring and recording artist, who has played in a host of bands over the years, composing his own songs from the age of 14. A drummer first, he learned to play guitar as well, and looked to vocalists such as Bruce Springsteen, Phil Collins & Peter Gabriel. “Somebody New,” the brand new track from Pat DiMeo, captures a chill mood and incorporates an anti-drop sensation to really build up the tension with the lyrics in the chorus.

He has seen a wide response with pseudonym The Motion Epic having his music released on various platforms including vinyl and cassette on various labels from around the world.  With the help of his lifelong friend Dre they are both determined to reach an even wider audience with this solo endeavor.


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