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Exclusive: Stream Sunsleep’s New Curated Spotify Playlist

By: Jessica Nakamoto –

First revealed as an exclusive sneak peek during last month’s Aesthetic Festival, Sunsleep’s latest song “New Sensations” (out July 21) has already tallied over 30k streams on Spotify alone.

To celebrate, the alternative-rock quintet has curated a brand-new Spotify playlist filled with tunes that inspired their most recent track and continue to keep their creative juices flowing. Stream it exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“New Sensations is a song we wrote in the studio while working with Erik Ron,” vocalist Devin Barrus reflects on the band’s latest offering. “We wanted to experiment a bit with a more upbeat approach to our typical sound and really felt like we tapped into another mood sonically for us, but not too far off from our previous material. This song carries a light positive message about chasing highs that take you where you wanna go and feeling a sense of unity.” 

The Band Camino – “Daphne Blue”

This is a song that inspired the playful and “drivey” vibe for “New Sensations”. The Band Camino is a band we were all getting into around the time we started working on new music and their LP “Try Hard” definitely caught our attention.

The 1975 – “Love It If We Made It”

The 1975 is a band we’ve all been pretty influenced by from the get go. Their infectious melodies, bouncy guitar tones, and groovy bass-lines have always inspired our material. We wanted a super singable, relatable topline in “New Sensations” much like this track.

The Japanese House – “Something Has To Change”

This track’s subtle yet effective production style really influenced the overall movement of the synths and percussion effect elements behind “New Sensations”.

PVRIS – “Hallucinations”

It’s no secret if you listen to Sunsleep that we’re highly influenced by PVRIS. The project has been a favorite collectively since our inception. Lynn’s crooning yet bouncy and captivating vocal performance in this track, especially in the ad-libs, really inspired Devin’s vocal performance.

Bring Me The Horizon – “In the Dark”

I actually remember being in the studio when the music video with Forest Whittaker came out. We were probably on like day 2 or 3 of being there and the song really sparked some new ideas.

Valleyheart – “Crave”

This band has a knack for really making you feel the music beyond just the lyrics and melody. The guitar work is what really caught our attention, and we wanted to capture that same kind of emotion they exude from their instruments.

John Mayer – “Still Feel Like Your Man”

The scratchy, choppy guitar and the soul feel definitely made their way into “New Sensations” in a different kind of way. The verses were almost so “John Mayery” that we had to take a step back and be like, “Wait. This is cool, but how do we make this more Sunsleep?” I think we found a good balance.


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