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Exclusive: Stream Kandle’s New Curated “Chills and Inspiration” Spotify Playlist

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of her new Stick Around and Find Out EP, emerging singer-songwriter Kandle curated a brand new Spotify playlist, which you can stream below.

After years battling through the infamously cold and stark music industry, finally escaping the shackles of sour recording contracts, British Columbia-born singer-songwriter Kandle is now in full control of her music.

While her new Stick Around and Find Out EP, may have been recorded under extraordinary circumstances (homeless and waiting out her legal troubles), Kandle streamlined her focus and vision. She steps into her self worth with the confidence of a true veteran who is capable of taking any situation and finding an opportunity for a deeper emotional connection. If her past has provided catharsis, her future is all about empowerment.

Shirley Bassey – “Goldfinger”
Shirley’s enormous voice, with John Barry’s sublime dynamic and dramatic orchestral arrangement combined with George Martin’s classic 60s production it set an unsurpassable bar in the golden age of pop music. Not that any of us can get close, but she was the only singing coach I ever needed.

The Supremes – “Where Did Our Love Go”
The original girl group, a huge inspiration to my sound. Sweet, but never sickly. Upbeat but full of emotion. The effortless powerhouse of the Motown Funk Brothers bears endless repeated plays. Perfect backing vocals and of course Diana Ross on lead, this one gets me out of bed even on the rainiest of days.

Eartha Kitt – “I Wanna Be Evil”
Written by Lester Judson and Raymond Taylor, and performed (and totally owned) by Eartha Kitt. Super modern for 1953, Eartha’s warbling confident vocal digs at my heart. She’s a queen!!! Sometimes being good is just too hard, we all want to be evil sometimes.

Ethel Ennis – “Lullaby For Losers”
Another queen… And what a voice. Smooth, restrained and pitch perfect. One of my favourite finds ever, I found it in a dollar bin in a thrift store and had no idea who she was but the cover sold it to me straight away. The look on her face seemed she had a chip on her shoulder but was smooth and confident as fuck. Of course, I wasn’t disappointed. I’ve almost worn my copy out.

The Como Mamas – “Out of the Wilderness”
An actual modern record in my list! But of course, it sounds classic. Groovy sassy imperfect blues with an incredible psychic call and response, as far as R&B goes I don’t know anyone owning it in this day and age like the Como Mamas do.

Dusty Springfield – “Just A Little Lovin'”
The welsh wonder Dusty calmly, and beautifully sings the joys of morning sex! Sarah Vaughan’s version is obviously amazing, but the obscure drum pattern and lush string arrangements just take me somewhere else every time i hear it.

Nancy Sinatra – “You Only Live Twice”
If only all music could be this good… Again super modern sounding, stunningly complex harmony with fizzy electric guitars repeating the string melodies throughout. Nancy just soars through the song like the slinky sexy heartfelt beauty she is. Her voice is so pretty it hurts.

Michael Kiwanuka – “You Ain’t The Problem”
Probably the youngest and most modern of all my influences. But Michael earned a place in my heart immediately. This third, highly ambitious album i feel he really delivered a fucking classic record; oozing realness, musicality and pure honesty. “You Ain’t The Problem” tackles the detrimental effects of social media, something I am no stranger to. Michael was the last live concert I attended before covid and it left me in a stream of tears.

Marlon Williams – “Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore”
Moody, shoegazey epic reverb reverb washed heartache. Tugs at my feelings with every play, really amazing vocals and freaky production with bendy guitars, timpani and mellotron through the whole track. Melancholy at its very best. I think he’s got one of the best voices of our generation, he’s so timeless.

The Dead Weather – “60 Feet Tall”
I LOVE the riff. And the raw, cutting and unrelenting rock and roll sound that only Jack White & co seem to be able to pull off. Obscure arrangements and super trashy fucked up rhythm section coated in slap delay, i feel good and fucked up at the same time. What a fucking rock and roller!!!!!


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