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Exclusive: Stream Kennen’s New Curated Spotify Playlist

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of Kennen’s new video for “Timothée Chalamet”, the Ontario-based producer, and singer-songwriter curated a brand new Spotify playlist, which you can stream below.

One too many tales of unrequited love–that’s what inspired Kennen’s first projects. The singer, songwriter and producer works out of his own room and creates songs that combine the charms of indie/bedroom pop with the addictive qualities of modern and retro pop styles.

No stranger to making music, Kennen had been self-taught as a producer since the age of 12, before eventually deciding to sing on his own tracks by the beginning of 2020. His anticipated debut EP “Kennen’s Cassettes” is expected to be released soon.

Thomas Headon – “Loving You”

This was a easy-going bop for me on first listen, but when I caught the line “Loving you doesn’t mean you love me”, it kinda hit different. Songs with that juxtoposition are my favorite—I’m obsessed with this one.

Troye Sivan – “Easy”

I’ve been a fan of Troye for years now and I think his new project is another great step forward for him. The sound is in-between that magic space of intimate and anthemic, which is something I love.

Spill Tab – “Cotton Candy”

I found this song through Spotify’s Lorem playlist—one of my go-to’s, these days. I really get a yearning type of feeling from this one. I love the atmosphere created by the words, the ukulele, and the unexpected production at the end.

Esteban Andres – “Sane”

It was really cool discovering this young up-and-coming artist from Toronto. This song definitely inspires an image of “running through the midnight streets” and memories of living your best life, and making mistakes—as one should.

Conan Gray – Heather

I think the story that Conan shares in this song is one that a lot of us can relate to. We all have someone in our lives who’s a “Heather”. I definitely feel some type of way every time I listen.

GRAE – 2725

When this song came out, the message happened to matched perfectly with this long-distance “thing” I was experiencing. “You’re just a picture on a screen / Tell me, are you real or just a dream? / Most beautiful smile I’ve never seen….”. And GRAE’s soft vocals are so easy to get lost in.

Isaac Dunbar – “Scroton’s Creek” – re-imagined by filous

I used to be just a producer before I started making music as a singer this year. During my producer years, filous was a big influence of my work—I love his mellow and imaginative approach so much. So it was definitely a pleasant surprise to hear him team up with Isaac, one of my main current influences.

Billie Eilish – “My Future”

Billie really inspires me to not be afraid of pushing myself artistically. Her and Finneas are a fantastic duo, and their production reminds me that louder isn’t always better (yes, I fell for the loudness war for quite a while). Anyway, this is probably my most played Billie song. I think it came at a time where I really needed to hear the message. “I’m in love / With my future / And you don’t know her”. Love it.

Ryan Woods – “Bad Texter”

The thing that caught my ear for this one was its rhythm. I love music that has chill indie vibes and still has a groove to it. And yes, I have to admit: I am in fact, a bad texter.

Curtis Waters – “Stunnin'”

I feel so hot listening to this song. No longer a “4 on my good days”! It’s wild how Curtis has said he made the song just for jokes, and all of the sudden it blew up. It’s such a banger though.


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