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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Andrew Delaney’s New Single “Feels Like It’s True”

By: Staff –

Arlington, Texas-based singer-songwriter Andrew Delaney is back with his new single “Feels Like It’s True”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below

We’ve all heard of stories of people rushing into love. Delaney’s upcoming single “Feels Like It’s True” does the opposite and takes its time approaching love, almost too much time. But over time Delaney works through romantic baggage and slowly opens himself up to love amidst the uncertainties of doing so. Soft arpeggiated guitar chords and subtle drums introduce the track as Delaney’s resounding vocals cut through the hushed instrumentals. That energy is matched at the chorus when cinematic, syrupy strings blossom through.

“Feels Like it’s True” was written at the moment when I realized I was in love,” said Delaney. “We had taken things at this languid pace and left a lot of words out of our vocabulary and we were just kind of content with each other. We both had a lot of traumatic / tumultuous romantic baggage from our pasts and it was just easier to not make pronouncements or take on titles or talk about feelings. Then everything just slowly came into focus over time and I sat down to write one day and put down that first line “Let me draw you a picture…” and I proceeded to write that song line by line in sequence as a note directly to her. We didn’t really have any idea what to do with it production wise until Emerald Rae got it. She asked me to clarify the story for her and then decided to go with these syrupy, romantic style strings. She has a background in film scoring so it was just a perfect fit. It’s my favorite track on the album.”


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