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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Uschi Tala’s Epic New Video for “Warriors of Darkness, Wielders of Light”

By: Staff –

B.C.-based multi-instrumentalist and looping artist Uschi Tala is back with their new video for “Warriors of Darkness, Wielders of Light,” which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below

The track is an epic, dark fantasy and visual metaphor on the conflict between nature and man, marginalization and aggression, and will appear on their forthcoming debut full-length album, Between the Veil, which is set for release on November 13.

“As a queer, genderfluid artist, I wanted to reflect on the ongoing struggle between not just man and nature, but also colonial violence towards marginalized folks,” said Uschi Tala. “Human existence persists in both the light and dark. We cannot have one without the other, and yet we must find peace and balance to coexist with one another.”

Filmed with permission on the traditional territory of the Sinixt First Nation in B.C.’s Slocan Valley, the video offers a glimpse of the area’s overgrown landscape, contrasting the natural world with remnants of concrete from an old highway and an abandoned building. Cloaked spirits and menacing creatures in suits symbolize the relationship between protection and exploitation of the Earth.

A genre-bending fusion of minimal ambient soundscapes, witchy hip hop, and folk noire, the video for “Warriors of Darkness, Wielders of Light” follows the earlier, interconnected release, “Don’t Heavy on Me.”

“The two videos share a narrative thread,” they said. “The first is about luring your demons, healing trauma, and coming to terms with your truth in order to reframe your worldview, while the latter is about transforming that darkness into direct action.”

Uschi Tala’s album, Between the Vail, touches on all that goes unseen: the in-between realm, and the vails that separate reality from dreams, weaving ominous and tragically beautiful melodies that haunt and hold you close.

Bridging experimental sounds with occult themes and serene rhymes, they channel the gothic folk of Chelsea Wolfe and the looping energy of Tash Sultana, while bringing attention to social issues and empowering others.

Having performed extensively in the British Columbia area, including festival appearances and shared bills with acts such as Kimmortal, Moontricks, and Hannah Epperson, their cult following continues to grow in B.C. and beyond.

Look for Between the Vail on November 13, and their showcase slot at the 2021 edition of Canadian Music Week.

Track list:

  1. Enter: Death
  2. Don’t Heavy 
  3. Come Alive
  4. Naturedesiac
  5. Aya Eye You 
  6. Kiss Yourself Goodnight 
  7. Power of The Sun 
  8. I Was Asleep 
  9. Between The Vail 
  10. Hallows Eve 
  11. Warriors or Darkness, Wielders of Light
  12. Exit: Birth 


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