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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Michael Vest’s New Solo Debut Album “Soul Adventurer”

By: Staff –

Michael Vest, one half of avant folk group Californioso, where he shares songwriting duties with California legend Farmer Dave Scher, will release his solo debut Soul Adventurer on November 6th as he marries Flaming Lips psychedelia and 70’s jam band sounds for a unique look into his world. Stream the album exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

With a clear and concise message, Vest invites all of us to this cosmic adventure. Music and poetry collide creating his debut album, Soul Adventurer, a sonic experience where consciousness, the human condition and spirituality merge, giving birth to a new paradigm of evolution.

Vest is a musician, poet, painter, co-captain of the bands: Space Babies and Californiosos, and the driving force behind Earthstar Creation Center, a magical recording studio in Venice Beach, CA, which has been host to popular recordings by Beck, Pink, Kanaan, Booker T Jones, The National and many others.

Inspired by bands like The Doors and Led Zeppelin, Vest started his musical journey at an early age and later continued exploring psychedelic and groovy sounds with his two bands, merging also visual arts to his artistic endeavours.

Soul Adventurer is the culmination of a lifetime journey in the quest for love, equity, and unity amonghumans. It is a reminder of our power as individuals and the positive impact we can have on earth as a collective if we see our light.

The twelve-track album takes the listeners back to their inner truth in a playful, eclectic, and groovy way. Once there you will never be the same!


  1. Sacred gratitude
  2. Soul adventurer
  3. Endless night
  4. Morning keyboard
  5. Love for free
  6. The garden
  7. It’s always a new day
  8. Beautiful people
  9. Happy note
  10. Swoonin
  11. What goes around
  12. The road


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