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Exclusive: Stream Michelle Treacy’s New Curated Spotify Playlist

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of Michelle Treacy’s new video for “Time Off From a Letdown”, the emerging Toronto-based singer-songwriter curated a brand new Spotify playlist, which you can stream below.

Full of raw emotion and authenticity, Treacy first came to pop culture prominence with an impromptu duet with Lady Gaga
during her ArtRave tour in Montreal. Since then, the talented young artist has released her debut single, “Armageddon.” As well, Treac won the second season of CTV’s hit series The Launch, which spawned the hit single “Emotional.” She is excited to begin this next chapter of her career which includes genre bending, no limitations, and embracing her inner self.

Slowdive – “When The Sun Hits”

This song inspired the vibe of the production on “Time Off From a Letdown”, being old school shoegaze and dream psychedelic rock. We loved the mix and the spacey guitars in this song. It also inspired the big rock build and drums at the end of the song.

David Bowie – “Space Oddity”

This song is a classic! I love the background sound effects and vocal stacks in this song. It’s simple but has a giant build, and executed this inspiration through the background sounds/guitar noise on this for my song.

Finneas – “Break My Heart Again”

I’ve been a huge fan of Finneas for a while now. I love his songwriting and simplicity in his production. His new music has a lot of bottom end which I’m a huge fan of. I also love how open he has been about creating music in his bedroom, and I think he’s opened a lot of doors for up and coming artists. He’s been a big inspiration to me when writing my new music.  Because of Finneas, I realize I can record anywhere and do anything. He helped me think out of the box. I rented a mic, hopped a bus to Hamilton, and recorded this in a friend’s attic.

Lou Reed – “Perfect Day”

I love the lyrics in this song. He tells a story, in which you can see the whole song when you listen. This song inspired the vibe and phrasing of Time Off From A Letdown. I want you to see and hear the story. 

Beck – “Lost Cause”

I’m a huge Beck fan! This song inspired the ambient sounds, the real instrumentation, and acoustic guitar in Time Off From A Letdown.  

Leonard Cohen – “Sisters Of Mercy”

Here’s another song that inspired the storytelling and simplicity of “Time Off From a Letdown”.

Sinead O’Connor – “Last Day of our Acquaintance”

Another song that inspired storytelling in the track. It sounds so pretty and simple, but it’s intricate and sad. This song also inspired the vocal process, as I admire how upfront and live the vocals sound, airy and not perfect. 

Jaren – “Daisy”

Daisy is such a beautiful song. Another amazing lyrically driven song with a beautifully simple melody and production. This song breathes so nicely. 

Rufus Wainwright – “Going to a Town”

Rufus is my favourite artist and writer of all time, I absolutely love this song. Between his vocal texture, production, and the meaning behind the lyrics. He Is a genius! I have always been inspired to write real lyrics and include deep melodies because of his art. I’m always trying to sing as low as him, and I’m almost there. 

Fiona Apple – “Slow Like Honey”

This song is amazing! I love the vocal production, the story, and overall production. It has all real instrumentation and is so beautiful yet sad. This inspired the vibe of “Time Off From a Letdown”, just a good vibe. 

Lana Del Rey – “Happiness is a Butterfly” 

This song title says it all: Happiness is a Butterfly. “Time off From a Letdown”. Both songs have a melancholy feel. You can’t stop listening to them but they’re so sad man. I’m a sucker for a good lyric and this song definitely gives me that.

Failure – “Another Space Song”

This song inspired the bass power chords on “Time Off From a Letdown”. 


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