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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Emperors Night’s New Video for “Driving At Pace”

By: Staff –

New Zealand-born, Toronto-based indie band Emperors Night are back with their new video for “Driving At Pace”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“After such a long time now without performing or being able to share our music via the stage, we’re excited to release our debut EP, Driving At Pace, and put our original music out into the world,” said the duo. “Each of these five songs is special to us in their own way, and we’re eager to give people the chance to explore them all. Toronto has been so good to us over this strange period in time, and we’re happy to represent the city via the music we have recorded here. The accompanying music video for ‘Driving At Pace’ shows off Toronto from some of our favorite angles and is our thank you to this wonderful city for embracing three brothers from New Zealand this past year.”

In late 2019, the Chalmers brothers – Anand (guitars, production), Bud (vocals, piano) and Dhyan (vocals, bass) – found themselves with a 21-song set of original music, but not many places to perform in the little beach town they were living in on the east coast of Australia. So, they packed up and moved to North America with high hopes for the coming year…and then, in 2020, the world changed. With no way of knowing when live music would start again, and now stuck in Toronto, the brothers set about making the best of the situation and busied themselves with recording sessions – all from the various Airbnbs they lived in over the course of the year.

Emperors Night’s debut EP moves through a variety of moods and sounds, but the one thing that defines the songs is the band’s commitment to equality between the instruments. Each takes their turn in the spotlight, often weaving in and out and around each other in harmony. Additionally, Bud and Dhyan share the spotlight on lead vocals. Lead single “Driving At Pace,” inspired by various experiences and trips the guys have taken together all around the world, is a perfect encapsulation of the Emperors Night sound and journey. Strong vocal melodies, thoughtful lyrics, tumbling piano lines, and fuzzed out guitar all blend and build to a soaring last chorus with Dhyan’s vocal lifting to meet the crashing music head on.


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