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Interview: Abby Jasmine Talks “Who Cares?”, TikTok, & Creativity

By: Freda Looker – 

Abby Jasmine got her start while creating content on Vine throughout her high school. Jasmine’s Vine was intentionally just for funny videos and transitioned into her singing, “I was about 14 years old, and I was always into making funny videos with my cousins. I love making people laugh, and with Vine I made people laugh. Vine was apart of my escapism of a lonely life, to branch unto communities that I love.” Throughout high school, Jasmine’s parents were strict meaning that she was forbidden to have any sort of social media. Come the day of SATs, her parents discovered the high traction their daughter was receiving for the type of content created and friction within the household took effect.

An active, and natural follower movement has definitely been loyal for Jasmine throughout the years. When she first began her online presence on Vine, her content would naturally spill on to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Then the world transitioned from Vine to TikTok, “I think TikTok is cool, and I was really late from being overwhelmed by Vine being only six seconds. I am still learning how it is to be great on TikTok, but I definitely have not mastered it yet. I think it’s important for artists to engage with their listeners and audience. I like to prioritize Twitter because I enjoy direct engagement and I find Twitter being more impactful and conversational with my audience.”

Today, Jasmine’s new album, Who Cares? (Deluxe), entices listeners with a creative collaboration with the likes of Smoke DZA in First Day Out. As per initial release, Jasmine’s selection for individuals to have a pair helping hands includes both Kash Juliano and Guapdad 4000.

The cover art for Who Cares? (Deluxe) oozes luxury while including a plated lobster, champagne, and a stylist. The inspiration behind this creative cover streams back to Jasmine and her creative team who wanted to portray a lavish lifestyle with people catering to you. Jasmine goes into more detail stating that, “I am a very down to earth person, and material things don’t excite me. I wanted to showcase this in the front cover, and that I am all about my creativity and songs.”

Jasmine mentions that the most challenging song to make on Who Cares? (Deluxe) was “Coneheads”, “I put a lot of pressure on myself to write this song. While writing the songs I was showing it to people and “Coneheads” was what people were gravitating to the most. Unfortunately, I was stuck on writers block for months specifically with the hook and the pressure to please listeners really got to me. When Nick from my team finally branched on I told him where I wanted to go, and he completed the hook to what it is today. I am so happy to see what it has transformed into, but I have definitely learned how to present in the works songs to people.”

Creativity was definitely difficult for Jasmine because she has been focused on having her house as her stress detox from work. Transitioning to a work at home space felt like an immediately dangerous overlap for her. While working in the studio and having a creative team supporting, and reminding you of day-to-day responsibilities, she had to reprogram her home/work mindset. Jasmine said, “Now it’s just me trying to push myself harder, but now I am really getting into the rhythm of working from home. I am getting used to working at home now, and can’t complain.”

When asked what her favourite track on Who Cares? (Deluxe) is, she mentions that, “My favourite track switches from day-to-day because I question if it is the best and it is a continuous rotation of questioning. At the moment “On God”, is definitely my favourite, but who knows about tomorrow.” “On God” recalls moments while on tour with T-Pain, growing success, and the weight it places in various places of Jasmine’s life.

Frustration from isolation is not taking into effect for Jasmine’s song creating process, “I’m approaching writing the same way in terms of being at home or wherever. Things will eventually be the way it was with time, but I try not to stray from what I know because it’s what I know, and feel the best about.” At the moment, Jasmine takes a different point of view on creation, but with good intent and the hopefulness that we all need- be it listener or musician.

Jasmine’s intention for entire discography is humble in itself when she says, “I want listeners to take away growth in the music for themselves or through my lyrics throughout the years. Since my first tape I have been sprinkling my story onto the world, and I would like for those to compare that to where I am today. I hope to have this vision inspirational to my audience or whomever it touches. If you’re lonely, I understand. If you need a voice for your emotions, I understand. If you want a boss voice just for a moment, I understand.”

Go give Abby Jasmine’s Who Cares? (Deluxe) album a spin, and follow her on social media for new updates on music.


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