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2020 Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Books, Video Games, Gadgets to Buy This Christmas

Underworld “Drift” CD/Blu-Ray Boxset

Iconic innovators Underworld have always been at the forefront of electronic music, constantly pushing its technological and sonic boundaries.

Their new boxset DRIFT was released as a sampler and a super deluxe, eight-disc box set that sold out on release. Responding to both demand and many people’s changed circumstances, the package has been remodelled for a new compact edition that contains all of the original CDs and accompanying Blu-Ray along with a perfect bound, 50-page book and a previously unreleased, hour-long recording of Rick Smith’s DRIFT pre-show set recorded live before Underworld’s show at Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam on November 23rd, 2019. There’s never been a better time to explore DRIFT.

CD1 – Episode 1 “DUST”
CD2 – Episode 2 “ATOM”
CD3 – Episode 3 “HEART”
CD4 – Episode 4 “SPACE”
CD5 – Episode 5 “GAME”
CD6 – Underworld & The Necks
CD7 – DRIFT Series 1 Sampler Edition
CD8 – RicksDubbedOutDriftExperience (Live in Amsterdam)
Blu-Ray – All the DRIFT Series 1 Films

Available at Underworld | $38 (CAD)

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