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Cadence Weapon Announces New Album “Parallel World”, Shares First Single “Senna”

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Cadence Weapon has announced his new LP, Parallel World, out April 30 via eOne Music. Parallel World is an album that seeks to unearth the alternate reality that lies beneath the surface of our society, a record that functions as a mirror that exposes the distortions and inequalities that are typically ignored. A video for the album’s first single, “Senna”, is available to watch below. A track about self-determination and taking the road less travelled, it marks a reunion collaboration between Cadence and JUNO-nominated artist, Jacques Greene. Pre-order the album here.

“Senna” is inspired by legendary Brazilian F1 driver Ayrton Senna. The documentary about him from 2010 has floated in the periphery of my mind ever since I first saw it,” Cadence describes. “Musically, it shares the spirit of early UK grime but what we ended up creating feels completely new. When Jacques Greene and I were in the studio working on this track and I heard the beat he was making, Senna started floating around my head like a mantra.”

For “Senna”, Cadence and Jacques revisit a creative process, tapping into a vibe and new sonic territory, to make a song that exists between the margins of genre. Their previous collaborations include Cadence’s feature on Jacques’ 2019 album, Dawn Chorus (Night Service) and Jacques at the production helm for Cadence’s songs, “High Rise”, and “The Host”, from his 2018 self-titled project. 

Cadence’s most politically charged album to date, the songs on Parallel World touch on themes of systemic racism, structural inequality, police profiling, gentrification, the internet’s pervasive effects on our lives and the surveillance state that disproportionately punishes Black people. Using elements of trap, drill, grime and acid house, Parallel World is the soundtrack for the dystopian future the world is facing, as society deals with their own realities relating to these issues. The new album is Cadence distilling these experiences for us all.

In addition to Greene, production personnel on Parallel World includes Jimmy Edgar, Martyn Bootyspoon, Casey MQ, Korea Town Acid, DNNY PHNTM, Strict Face, AudioOpera, and Little Snake. Guests include Fat Tony, 2020 Polaris Music Prize-winner, Backxwash, Skratch Bastid, and Manga Saint Hilare. It was mixed and engineered by Calvin Hartwick at Dream House Studios and mastered by Phil Demetro at Lacquer Channel in Toronto.

Parallel World Tracklist
1. Africville’s Revenge 
2. On Me (feat. Manga Saint Hilare and Strict Face)
3. Play No Games
4. SENNA (feat. Jacques Greene) 
5. Skyline 
6. WATER (feat. Fat Tony and Jimmy Edgar) 
7. Eye To Eye 
8. Ghost (feat. Backxwash)
9. Hard To Find 
10. Connect 


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