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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Duane Forrest’s New Single “See The World”

By: Staff –

Emerging singer-songwriter Duane Forrest is back with his new single “See The World”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“See the World” is a song about the benefits I’ve reaped from travelling the world,” said Forrest. “The healing and introspection that came from it. This song takes on new meaning now as we are facing a pandemic and travelling is no longer a thing. But the song also has another meaning, I’m hoping to encourage the listener to “see the world” in a new way, with empathy and humility. To be ready to learn from the world, from each other, to see nature and climate change, and to see greed and the poor. Everyday I’m challenging myself to see these things and find a way to take part in the healing of the world.”

Forrest first gained attention in 2017, when he debuted his first musical theatre production, Climb, a live album experience based on his concept album of the same name. Toronto Fringe Festival founder Gregory Nixon described Duane’s show as “an engaging, multilayered work of song, storytelling and movement” and “one of the highlights of this year’s Fringe.” His forthcoming double jazz and fusion album builds on themes of love, heartbreak, BLM, and self-discovery, reflecting musically on Forrest’s growth as an artist and a human being. Aside from his innate drive to create beautiful things, Forrest also has a passion for arts education. In 2011, he founded Genesis Community of the Arts, a registered Canadian charity offering music and arts education to marginalized children and youth in Toronto and Central America.


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