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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Charley Furey’s New Single “Gold”

By: Staff –

Emerging pop singer-songwriter Charley Furey is back with his latest single “Gold,” which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

The track also comes with a new line of merchandise, featuring “Gold” t-shirts with unique graphics. click here to purchase “Gold” merch. 

Written, produced, and performed by Furey and mixed and mastered by Matty Harris, the song features Furey’s crisp, warm vocals and fresh, gentle synth pop beats, which create a youthful soundscape full of hope, longing, and surrender.

“‘Gold’ is about feeling so deeply for someone who isn’t ready to be loved, but you just can’t fight the feeling that there’s something there. It’s something I’ve been dealing with in my own life, and there’s such a duality to it,” says Furey. “On one hand you want to try to pull them back when they push you away, you want to pour out your heart to them, you think “maybe if they know how much I care, they’ll change their mind.” But on the other hand, you know they need space and time. I bounce a lot between the two themes in the song, and I think that’s reflective of my own inner struggle between what I want and what I know they need. But at the end of the day, I have to let them do what’s best for them: how they feel is not in my control. All I can do is say “when you’re ready, if you want my love, I’ll be there to give it to you.”

“Gold” is Furey’s first single of 2021, following his previous release, “Roller Coaster.” He is slated to continue rolling out singles in 2021.


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