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Exclusive: Stream Jessie Lee’s New Curated Spotify Playlist

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of Jessie Lee’s latest single “Body Sings”, the emerging Canadian singer-songwriter curated a brand new Spotify playlist, which you can stream below.

Cleo Sol – “Young Love”

I always sway when I listen to this song, it’s inevitable! The background vocals I’m especially a fan of, so many beautiful layers. The message is also really nice, valuing who you truly are and not needing anyone to validate that for you. Yes!!

Nicole Chambers  – “All Dressed Up”

Love love love Nicole for both her vocals and her songwriting!! Between her beautiful melodies, soft instrumental, and storytelling, I’ve listened to this song on repeat several times. Just raw and real, about respecting a woman’s time, sang in true Virgo fashion.

Bruno Major – “I’ll Sleep When I’m Older”

This song reminds me to live life to the fullest. I believe he wrote this about not having enough time to complete everything you want to get done, but for me, I take it as enjoying everything while you can. Not to mention, the chorus and overall track is very catchy and so well written. 

Vulfpeck – “Back Pocket”

Just a funky, feel good tune that I’m always down to listen to! I can always count on this song to shift my mood, catchy and full of texture.

Lucky Daye ft. Yebba – “How Much Can A Heart Take”

Anything Yebba sings on immediately captures my heart! I love this track these two have created, the bass line, the changes, the harmonies, all of it! Have had this song on repeat since it came out.

Sabrina Claudio – “As Long As You’re Asleep”

This song gets stuck in my head quite often. I love the mix of a slow tempo with pretty vocals layered on top. Sabrina always delivers with her harmonies and catchy melodies, you’ll always find one of her songs on my playlists!

John Mayer – “Still Feel Like Your Man”

I couldn’t get away without adding a John Mayer tune, he has been influencing my music taste for as long as I can remember. When I first heard this song, you guessed it, I played it over and over. Catchy, with lyrics that are so simple yet poetic. ‘Still like the letters in your name and how they feel babe’, ugh! Followed by ‘still think I’m never gonna find another you’, referencing an older song of his, love it. I’m a sucker for John Mayer I will admit!

Tom Misch – “Watch Me Dance”

I love this one because it’s almost like two different songs in one. The intro is really soft and simple with beautiful strings, and then this really fun groove comes in and changes the whole vibe. 

Jhené Aiko – “Lotus (intro)”

A short little song, but definitely one of my favourites. Her voice dances over the piano so effortlessly, while singing the most poetic lyrics. I’m always a huge fan of Jhené’s creations.

Masego – “Lady Lady”

Masego always delivers, between his smooth instrumentals and fun energy, it’s always a good time. I love all the changes, harmonies and especially the catchy saxophone melody!


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