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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Leanna Oki’s New Single “Sink”

By: Staff –

Canadian artist Leanna Oki is back with her new single “Sink”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below. 

The up-and-coming artist blends R&B, soul, and pop flawlessly to create her unique and captivating sound.  Finding her emotional outlet in music, Leanna uses songwriting and song creation to express feelings she otherwise has trouble communicating. Using the metaphor of water, Oki’s lyrics and musical arrangement on “Sink” express her experience feeling like she, herself was trapped underwater after her relationship ended.

“The song is centered around the imagery of sinking into the sea as a metaphor for giving into my internal conflict,” said Oki. “I was compelled to write this song as a way to express my feelings of numbness and pain that I couldn’t put into words. I believe that a lot of people can relate to this feeling, so I hope this song can connect with others going through any sort of personal struggle and help them feel more understood.”

The recent University of Toronto graduate is immensely creative and well versed in music writing and production, operating almost completely independently to create her music until it nears the very final stages. Drawing inspiration for “Sink” from a previous relationship, Oki leaned on songwriting as a way to express what she was feeling when she felt otherwise unable to communicate her emotions. She found the metaphor of sinking underwater to be particularly inspiring, as she felt it was an accurate way to describe the emotions she was feeling at that time.

Recorded at Toronto’s Sandbox Studios and co-produced by KP Moore, “Sink” has a water-like flow, and features both Oki’s songwriting talent and vocal stylings.  The song features beautiful, intricate harmonies that showcase not only Oki’s vocal talent, but her advanced, self-taught, production abilities as well.



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