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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Evan Cheadle’s New Video for “First Morning Light”

By: Staff –

Emerging B.C.-based folk singer-songwriter Evan Cheadle is back with a new video for “First Morning Light”, which can be watched exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“First Morning Light” describes the feeling of being rudderless, transient and wayward, underlined by an impending sense of urgency,” said Cheadle. “I’ve always been drawn to the image or metaphor of the early morning.  There’s an uncanny nature to the gloaming of the morning or darkness right before the dawn, which never ceases to amaze me. The song was inspired by folk ballads such as Pretty Saro or Mary Ann.”

Raised in Victoria, B.C., Cheadle grew up immersing himself in American and English folk music, and has a strong love for 60s and 70s Rock and Roll and R&B – and since 2013, Cheadle has been writing, recording and performing his own music. One night, Ryan Boldt, of the Deep Dark Woods, stumbled upon one of Cheadle’s performances, and the two bonded over shared musical interest – and (eventually) Cheadle joined the band!  With a new album on the horizon, Fault Line Serenade, and new singles to be released – this is one artist that can’t be missed.



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