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Exclusive: Stream Eadie’s New Curated “Solo Smoking” Spotify Playlist

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of Eadie’s new single “Slowly”,  the emerging Toronto-based alternative-R&B artist curated a brand new curated “Solo Smoking” Spotify playlist, which you can stream below.

From the east end of Toronto, ON, brings the independent alternative-R&B artist, Eadie. The talented songstress presents smooth R&B flows, with an alternative-pop twist. As a lover of alternative and hip-hop music, she writes poetic pieces over kicky beats. With each release, she mixes in a new mood; revealing another piece of her multifaceted persona. As Eadie puts it, she “doesn’t do love songs” and tends to focus her work on her struggles, behaviours and values.

Eadie’s new single, “Slowly,” is a light-hearted bop that plays on the idea of someone you love being that craving, devil on your shoulder or bad habit. Inspired by her own addictive personality, the song is set after a long night of contemplating one’s choices, and the morning cravings have set in. You’re aware of the problem, and want to make different choices, but the temptation is too much to handle.

Dijon – “Skin”

A warm, smooth love song for whenever I’m feeling good and loved. Dijon’ s voice curls around you and keeps you company which is why I usually listen to him when I’m alone. I’m a sucker for detailed lyrics and I love the way he describes his love interests throughout his work.

Wafia – “Pick Me (Acoustic)”

I first heard of Wafia in 2018 when my cousin, who’s an electronic music fan, showed me the song “Better Not” – Louis The Child & Wafia. I loved the song, and her sweet-pop voice really stuck with me. Recently when I needed some inspo. I began searching sounds/people I like and Wafia came to mind. This acoustic version of her song “Pick Me” popped up first and I was instantly hooked. I’ve had it on loop for weeks and it’s such a good song whenever you need that extra bit of reassurance to always choose yourself!

Mahalia (feat. Ella Mai) – “What You Did”

An underrated collab for sure! Everyone can relate to being disappointed by someone and having to walk away. I like power R&B songs like this that remind me to never forget my worth and boundaries. These two never miss so I really appreciate how well their styles came together on this – especially over that sample.

Solange – “Cranes In The Sky”

This song reminds me of my young 20-something self. When A Seat At The Table album came out, I remember being blown away by the production and Solange. I wasn’t familiar with her work before this album, and I was so inspired to create music after hearing her. My dad bought me the CD from HMV (before they closed) and gifted it to me for Christmas that year. “Cranes In The Sky” speaks to a large part of me that is always trying to get over something. Every time I hear this song I’m transported to 2016.

Charlotte Day Wilson – “Mountains”

I have smoked and cried to this more than once. If there’s any song to close your eyes to and just listen- this is it. The production almost makes you feel lighter, and Charlotte’s voice carries you through her lyrical imagery. I’m always amused by how her voice truly sounds like an instrument.

Seinabo Sey – “You”

This song makes you feel like Seinabo Say is sitting three feet in front of you. The production work on this song is incredible and definitely makes the song an ‘experience’. This is a great song to turn up a little louder and submit to… you can get swallowed up by the whole thing (in a good way)!

Mahalia  – “Square 1”

The keys and melody in this song are a perfect blend between sad and unbothered. Mahalia’s (almost) non-chalet tone sucks me in and her flowy melodies keep me entertained. I myself am a little notorious for repeating patterns and getting stick in a love circle. “Square 1” is a song I like to listen to when I feel a little stuck.

Mura Masa – “Firefly (feat. Nao)”

Upbeat and interesting to say the least. I fell involve with this song when I heard the beat-stop on the hook. I have a thing for beat-stops and the drop on this song is so good. The snaps and synths throughout the track really exude this mystical, star-like feeling. This is a fun one to bop to.

Sheff G – “Dead Broke”

I like the looseness in his delivery on this song. I do love trap music but when I’m alone and just coolin, I prefer eased rap. “Dead Broke” got me with the acoustic intro and the simple yet relatable concept. Sheff G’s hooks and samples are often memorable with bouncy flows.

Amy Winehouse – “Me & Mr. Jones”

Amy Winehouse is my favourite artist and my ‘home’ when it comes to music. She has a song for every mood, and this one just speaks to my sassy sarcastic side. I’m the kind of person where I become very attached and invested in relationships and perhaps a little territorial (oops). This song just makes me giggle at all the love-games she’s describing and the classic ‘nobody stands in-between me and my man’ … I feel you Amy!

Pip Millett – “Fancy”

“Fancy” is a feel good boost-confident track that has natural elements I adore. The instrumentation sounds like she has live players in the room and I give-in to Pip’s rawness. The second verse reminds me too much of my own love-style when she says “drinkin’ tea and smokin’ weed, he told me I’m easily pleased…” If you like character voices and songs that aren’t too refined – this is the one!


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