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MLB The Show 21
By: Sony

MLB The Show is back with this year’s instalment featuring cover star Fernando Tatis Jr., and with it comes a few brand new features including stadium creator and online cross-play between Playstation and Xbox.

The stadium creator feature is a welcome addition to an already pretty solid experience. Whether you’re looking to build a triple decker cathedral of baseball in a big city, or a diamond in a midwest cornfield ala Field of Dreams, you have many options to customize your perfect ballpark including outfield walls, seat configuration, grass pattern, and more! While the layout and controls do take getting used to, the available tutorials help you along and are very easy to follow. Here’s hoping next year that more stadium templates will be available and that players will have even more customization options including the concourse, and dugout. In addition, the lack of search function in the stadium creator mode makes the process of finding some well-made classic stadiums (looking at you old Tiger Stadium, and Olympic Stadium) very difficult. And what you’re left with a never-ending sea of thousands of randomly assorted user-created stadiums with no way to effectively filter them.

For the first time ever, MLB The Show, which has traditionally been a Playstation exclusive, is now offering online cross-platform play with Xbox. And while the servers have struggled a fair bit to keep up with the extended player base, players hope that the gameplay will improve over the coming weeks to provide a more seamless online gaming experience.

With the launch of next-gen consoles last year, you’d think that this year’s offering of MLB The Show would have a big graphics improvement that made you feel as immersed as watching a game on television. However, at least initially, graphics look fairly similar to last year’s game with things like facial scans, stadiums, etc, not receiving the expected next-gen graphics boost gamers have clamoured for.

Overall, MLB The Show 21 is a solid baseball game that mostly succeeds in giving players a realistic baseball experience. With the long-requested stadium creator feature, new legends like Alfonso Soriano, Roberto Clemente, Kirby Puckett, and Prince Fielder, unprecedented cross-platform play, and more, MLB The Show 21 has built a solid foundation that will only improve with time.

Available at The Show | $60




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