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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Jack DeNicola’s New Single “Aurora”

By: Staff –

Emerging alternative pop singer/songwriter Jack DeNicola is back with his new single “Aurora”, which can be streamed exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“I believe “Aurora” demonstrates the theme of the last year or so in quarantine,” said DeNicola. “It’s a very isolated song, emotional. This was sort of on purpose to further push the theme of feeling alone during these interesting times we are faced with currently. I wanted to create a comforting atmosphere to show others they aren’t alone in how they’re feeling since the world paused. Everyone has a story to tell from these times. This is part of mine and I hope it will encourage others to share theirs.”

“Aurora” will be featured on DeNicola’s upcoming debut album, Act I: Doomsday, which is set for release on May 14th. This first part of the trilogy marks the beginning of a compelling journey closely following its protagonist Moon in pursuit of his wildest dreams. It follows him through the trails of love, lust, and loyalty, as he deals with his infatuation with the fame and fortune he prays his future holds.

DeNicola is an artist with huge ambitions as he will soon be releasing a trilogy of albums inspired by the likes of Kid Cudi, The Weeknd, Pink Floyd and The Who. His own personal sound, centered around his strong vocals, mixes together alternative rock, hip-hop and R&B influences.

On Act I: Doomsday, DeNicola has completely reimagined his artistry, branding and sound, hoping to make some noise and gain a true audience along this new path.Through his music, DeNicola wants his music to be a vessel of healing, comfort, and inspiration for the people like him that lean on music for almost any situation or emotions they are dealing with. Growing up, he always turned to music for an escape from the trials of life and looked up to his favorite artists for solace. He wants to be able to be that light at the end of the tunnel for others, as his music role models were for him. DeNicola truly believes he has what it takes to make an impact on the music industry right away, and he won’t stop until he sees his childhood dream of being a rockstar come true.


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