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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Paul Babe’s New Single “Poley Bonaparte”

By: Staff –

Emerging singer/songwriter Paul Babe is back with his new single “Poley Bonaparte” which can be streamed exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“‘Poley Bonaparte (Your Feeling)’ is someone reflecting on the events that led to falling in love very quickly and having that feeling take over their conscious day-to-day,” said Babe. “Kind of like that little asshole Napoleon would do to a country but instead to your brain. I did most of it at my apartment in BK and I vividly remember it being a ‘keep throwing shit at the wall and see what sticks” type situation. Naturally the production turned out a lil’ moonstruck but I am proud of it.”

With an American alt-pop sound that’s unique from start to finish, 2021 is the year of the Babe. The design of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Seth Evans, he draws inspiration from his Great Lakes upbringing taking the name Paul Babe from the giant, superhuman lumberjack of Northwood’s lore who’s faithful companion was the Blue Ox, Babe. The music is based on ambition, raw feelings, natural occurrences; moments big and small that were always meant to happen. His sound is both genuine and rich in spirit, as his upcoming music is truly a labor of love bringing to life his artistic talents. His process goes like this: he attempts to make beautiful sounds and then proceeds to mangle and screw them up. Obsessing over spaces but not entirely minimal, the finished product often depicts a deceptively dense aural terrarium. The drum arrangements sway a little bit electro and a little bit organic never settling on just a two bar loop. In his hierarchy of songwriting and production priorities melody always reigns supreme. When the cake finally comes out of the oven it is often a homemade, gritty, sometimes rough but bona fide result.

The background music of the song is truly one of a kind. Initially, the tunes are very singular and muted, but as the song progresses, more instruments are introduced. Finally, the background music turns full upbeat to the point that it somehow muffles the singer’s voice. There are also whispers and echoes, in the song in addition to changes in the pitch. The singer has truly done a splendid job with the lyrics. The way his voice turns a little high pitched then morphs into a whisper, just makes you feel all the right emotions. For such an underrated artist, Paul Babe certainly has surprising command over the vocals. It’s like he can change his pitch without any effort at all. He has sung all parts of the so seamlessly that you barely notice the changes at first.

It isn’t merely a song but rather an amalgamation of phenomenal background music and vocals. The stark contrasts in vocals and the shift in the background music are indeed what make this song so interesting. There isn’t anything predictable about it and it is definitely not one of those boring recycled songs. It has a little bit of everything; a sweet, melodious start accompanied by soft vocals, guitar, drums, and full upbeat background.

We don’t know about you, but this song is definitely like a breath of fresh air after listening to the same type of music over and over again. It certainly has that contemporary vibe along with lively and soulful vocals. It is evident that Paul Babe isn’t afraid to think outside the box. His music is truly one of a kind, and it’s only a matter of time before he climbs the proverbial popularity ladder. He certainly has the voice as well as the talent.


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