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What Should You Know Before Enrolling in Online Drum Lessons?

By: Staff –

Social distancing norms that continue to date have you scrambling for new virtual avenues. People are videoconferencing like never before, and e-learning is on the rise.

Likewise, there are as many considerations as, if not more than, advantages when you learn online. At the same time, you also find many myths floating around on the web. 

So, when you start with your online drum lessons, here is what you should know:

Online Lessons Don’t Have to Be Impersonal

One thing people still believe in this day of technological advancements is that online learning is not effective. Indeed, it doesn’t compare within-person interactions in physical space. However, modern online tools like real-time streaming make it much more life-like.

In particular, learning to play drums via virtual lessons is possible with live drum lessons. You can interact with your tutor, take private lessons, and get one-on-one feedback. You can find instructors that are willing to match their classes and teaching style to your learning pace.

Get personalized attention and customized classes in group or private settings at your convenient time slots. Learn comfortably from your home, and it doesn’t get more personal than that. Besides, student counselors and customer support are available to help with your issues and queries. 

Mind Your Posture and the Instrument Setup

Although not exclusive to online learning, playing drums can cause backache if you sit in the wrong posture. You may hunch over a computer screen, observing the technique applied by your teacher. Or, you have back-to-back classes and practice sessions.

If you find the wrong size drums, you will be over-extending your arms, leading to injuries. Besides, it can be excruciatingly painful if the drums are set up weirdly. 

The solution is to use a bigger screen, sit straight, and have the drums set up perfectly. Ensure everything is within your reach and there is no pressure on your hands, wrists, neck, or back. 

Use the RightDrumming Equipment

It is your choice whether to use an electronic or acoustic drum set. Each has its advantages, but finding the right fit for you is crucial.

If you prefer independence, comfort, and timing, electronic equipment is better. They have realistic triggers, electronic pedals, and portable sizes. You can sit close to the monitor and observe the movements your tutor makes. 

On the other hand, if you crave authenticity, real acoustic drums may be good for you. The teacher can notice the full range of motion of your limbs, and you improve the music expression. But you will need a larger room with ample space to set up your camera far enough. 

Other tools and technology you need are:● Drum pads● Drum sticks● Video streaming software● Uninterrupted internet connection● A computer or laptop● USB drive● Music stand● Quality headsets and microphone● Standard HD webcam, etc. 

Prioritize Your Goals

Before quickly registering at the best online drum lessons, focus on your priorities. Ask yourself some questions about your current proficiency level, learning style, your favorite technique, etc.

Next, determine your goals and set a reasonable timeline to achieve them. Young people have more cognitive abilities. Hence, if you want to enroll your children in the classes, it is better to do so as early as possible.

That said, even if you are over 70 and you love drums, you can learn to play them. However, you need to do a bit more research and find a patient tutor that can work at your level. Also, an electronic drum kit may suit you better because you can adjust the sound levels. 

Find a website or virtual platform that gives preference to a friendly approach over technical wizardry. Even if they provide high-quality studio-standard audiovisual experiences,it means nothing if you don’t learn something. 

Make Room for Practice in Your Daily Routine

Signing up for weekly music lessons is not enough for you to master the drums. You need to carve out a specific period every day and dedicate it to practice drumming.

But if you already have a busy schedule, it may be challenging to do this at first. However, blocking this daily time slot as a standard part of your activities will help you learn the drums faster.

In addition, you can set up virtual meetings with your tutors or the counselors for support. Look to your fellow user community for motivation – learn about their hurdles and how they crossed them.Find out if someone has answered your specific issue before.

Most music teaching websites have vast online resources that registered students can access. You don’t necessarily have to be a fully fluent reader of drum music, but the theory can help. 

Choose a Trusted Website to Learn to Play Drums Online

Find an online platform where you can meet enthusiastic music educators from all over the globe. Ideally, your percussion faculty should allow you to express your creativity more freely than imposing technique. Most of all, enjoy your journey regardless of your learning level.


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