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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Shayla Souliere’s New Video for “Touch and Go”

By: Staff –

Emerging Regina, Saskatchewan-based pop artist Shayla Souliere is back with a new video for her track “Touch and Go”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

This song was produced, mixed, and co-written by Giordan Postorino (NIIVA, LOLO), and much like the song, the music video feels fun and carefree. Filmed on the streets of Regina, the video highlights Souliere’s electric personality.

“Touch and Go” is a catchy, feel good tune about focusing on momentum and looking forward, not back. The music video replicates the meaning of the song into reality as she continues to move forward and doesn’t look back. It is meant to be light-hearted and fun as she dances to the music. Souliere is living life as she does not worry about the text message that starts off the song and represents the meaning of accepting that some things are just the way they are and to enjoy the moment. 

“Sometimes the path that you’re taking to get to where you want to be can change along the way, but your end goal stays the same. ‘Touch and Go’ is based on a relationship, but it can be above any situation,” says Souliere. “Whether it’s a friendship, a romance, or anything. It’s about living in the moment and accepting that, sometimes, it just is what it is. That’s what I’m trying to say with ‘Touch and Go’.”

Souliere’s music reflects the single-minded approach that she’s taken to her career as a singer, songwriter, and recording artist ever since the day she sold the car she bought herself during high school to bankroll her first recording session in Los Angeles. 

Since then, Souliere has continued to travel regularly to write and record in LA and Toronto and has released multiple singles including “Days Like That” (2019), “Let Me Go” (2018), “Over – Feat. Pimpton” (2016), “Screw U” (2015), and “Know Better” (2020).


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