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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Livy Jeanne’s New Video for “Die 4 U”

By: Staff –

Emerging Canadian pop singer-songwriter Livy Jeanne has released a new video for her debut single “Die 4 U”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

Born in Thunder Bay and raised in Edmonton, Jeanne originally began her pursuit of music as a creative outlet to express her emotions and experiences, but little did she know when writing her first song as a teenager that her music would resonate with so many. Her move to Nashville saw her establish herself as a talented force, securing several major cuts along the way. Now, Jeanne is taking charge of her own destiny and releasing music as a representation of her true self. Her debut pop single “Die 4 U” is a testament to Jeanne’s personal growth and determination, and she plans to continue to share her stories in the hopes that others will be able to relate as well.

Baring it all with earnest lyrics and a dazzling, layered melody, “Die 4 U” marks Jeanne’s rebirth as the artist she was always meant to be.


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