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Premiere: Stream Alex Southey’s New Single “As Close As You’ll Ever Be”

By: Staff –

Toronto based singer-songwriter Alex Southey is back with his new single “As Close As You’ll Ever Be,” which you can stream via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“As Close As You’ll Ever Be” examines authenticity and possessing a strong moral compass, and gets the priorities straight.

“It’s true, I earn half of what the next dance gets, but I’ve got a heart of gold you’ll pay to see,” Southey sings.

“As Close As You’ll Ever Be” sits behind the mask of one of these people as they recount newfound interest/attention and how they’re aware of the manipulative process they’re using,” reflects Southey of the track. “The song embodies that sentiment. It’s big. It’s attractive. It’s overwhelming. It’s a little in your face, but it’s also as close as you’ll ever be.”

Southey has stealthily assumed himself a prolific and poignant artist and singer/songwriter at a significantly swift pace. Since 2019, Southey has released three full length albums, and two EPs. The most recent release, a full length LP entitled …And the Country Stirred released in February 2021, yet as his popularity grew, so did his examination of what authenticity and his artistry meant, most importantly, to him.

“Throughout the release of my last album, I had a tough time squaring what I thought was authentic behaviour and what was done purely for followers, and popularity, especially on social media,” says Southey.

Without skipping a beat, and drawing from another source of deep importance to him, a break-up, My Nights On The Island EP, set for release on September 17, 2021, offers a six song revision of a break up that breaks the mould of what one would traditionally ascribe to a ‘singer/songwriter’s record of lost love’. The EP feels like a sonic-cinematic journey; a short film of songs carefully crafted.

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