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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Pixellay’s New Single “Waiting For”

By: Staff –

Emerging EDM producer Pixellay is back with his new single “Waiting For”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“My earlier works focused on EDM, Future House, and Tropical House instrumental tracks with occasional samples, but recently I’ve added a Pop element with vocals to my songs,” said Pixellay. “My latest single, ‘Waiting For’, combines melodic pop with chill EDM. The most meaningful part of the song for me is the refrain which asks, ‘Whatcha waiting for?’ As a young musician and producer, it can be daunting to share my creations with the world because I put so much energy and heart into them and never know how they will be received. For me, the lyric is a call to action and a reminder to stop waiting and to take a chance. I hope readers will give the song a listen and that it resonates with them!”

Pixellay is an up and coming DJ, songwriter, electronic music producer, and remixer, comparable to the likes of David Guetta and Avicci, who not only understands technology, but the way music affects the listener as well. A skilled percussionist and computer programmer, Pixellay combines his passion for music and technology to produce lush EDM, future house, tropical house, and electronic pop tracks. His song “Decoder” was featured on the Apple+ show, Ted Lasso. Did we mention he’s only 16 years old? 

His newest song, “Waiting For,” is one that’s pleasing to the ear. It’s a beautiful and perfect blend of technology and instrumentation. The song has a piano underlying the whole song, which is pushed by a synthesized beat and a voice similar to that of Lauv and The Fray. It’s magnificently melodic and boldly technological.

The most interesting part of “Waiting For” is the way it pleases the listener. What makes music so fascinating is its predictability, our brains can actually predict the next chord based on the ones we hear, the next base drop based on our own sense of timing and rhythm. Most songs do this, and when they don’t, our brain gets confused and upset. What Pixellay does is so satisfying that our brain wants to listen to it over and over again. “Waiting For” has an audible arch, meaning because it’s so predictable, there’s a sense of closure to the song, a sense that the music has taken i’s journey and completed on a final note. 

“Waiting For” is one of Pixellay’s best. He masterfully shows us his passions and skill for technology and music. He understands the two separately so he can seamlessly mash them to create a whole. “Waiting For” belongs on all summer playlists. We want to see more of him.


One thought on “Exclusive Premiere: Stream Pixellay’s New Single “Waiting For”

  1. I am a Pixelay follower & listened to his new release. “Waiting For” might be his best production yet. Very soothing & my favorite.

    Posted by Patricia | July 23, 2021, 6:24 pm

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