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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Mark Perry’s New Video for “Who Am I”

By: Staff –

BC-based singer-songwriter Mark Perry is back with a new video for “Who Am I”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“Who Am I” is the 3rd single from Perry’s new album Northwest, which is set for release later this year. The song is a product of the pandemic and asks the existential question of the moment – who am I?

“It’s a big question many of us pack around,” says Perry. “When what we perceive as ‘normal’ in life suddenly wavers, we begin to question what ‘normal’ ever was. The COVID-19 pandemic tore down many of our perceptions. Our social life became restricted. So many things we enjoyed — a cup of coffee or tea, a beer, a glass of wine with friends — became questionable events. Work places were adjusted to slow down social interaction. We humans stumbled and began to show cracks. ‘Who Am I’ is about that waltz through despair and self doubt. It’s almost a strange dance through depression, anxiety and dementia. We question our perceptions, yet we keep moving onward because we must. It sounds slightly different because of its guitar tuning and chord voicings. The mix of a relatively quick feel and rhythm with a haunting melody, project a subtle sense of optimism.”

For more information on Mark Perry, click here.


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