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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Cities and Sounds’ New Video for “Ghosts”

By: Staff –

Emerging New Jersey-based pop-rock band Cities and Sounds are back with their inspiring new video for “Ghosts”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below. 

“The inspiration for the video of the single, “Ghosts” is one to showcase some of our favorite album covers but to also show creative ways to show your “voice” which is what inspired the track in itself,” said Stephen Nakovich of Cities and Sounds. “An anthem about being heard. If you feel people zone you out, don’t take your voice seriously, or don’t even hear you. What you say does matter and there is always a way to express yourself. The writing process started off with 4 or 5 song ideas jotted down in a basement during COVID shut down and when the band finally got together, it became such an energetic, exciting experience. The message for me is there are many different styles or influences for music. You can’t slap on a tag and say, ” we are this.” Every song tells its own story and has its own feel of what is going on right then and there. Just like  everyone personally. Moods, feelings, ideas change everyday, and you are not alone. And that’s what we tried to do with the album. Just go song to song, play and write what we are feeling that day. And try to put out some good songs people can enjoy and relate to.”

Cites and Sounds was formed out of passion and love for music in the summer of 2020. Attached to artists such as Audra McLaughlin, Nalani and Sarina, Boyz 2 Men, The Early November, Lauren Marsh, October Rose, Finding Westerly and many others – these 5 artists with many different influences joined up at the perfect time. Forming, writing and recording a full length album worth of material with Chris Badami (Portrait Recording Studios) all within the year, it will see the light of day later this Fall.

Cities and Sounds wrote this song in about an hour. Nakovich of the band says the story goes like this, “We go in the basement, plug in, turn the PA on and the opening riff just happened to be the first thing I came up with and we went from there. We wrote it in about an hour. I was just mumbling melody ideas while we were writing it.  I knew we had the upbeat anthem musically we wanted. So the next day, with the melody in mind, I sat down and wrote the chorus pretty much in real time.”

Their ultimate goal is to create music people can enjoy and relate to. It’s safe to say they’ve done that. They write with such freedom and flow that it translates into their sound and music. “Moods, feelings, and ideas change everyday,” says Cities and Sounds, “and you’re not alone.” Be sure to give a listen and watch to “Ghosts” now!



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