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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Jane Mathew’s Moving New Video for “What Fire”

By: Staff –

Emerging Toronto-based artist Jane Mathew is back with her moving new video for “What Fire”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below. 

The video beautifully describes the unique kind of heartbreak that happens when you break up with your friends. Featuring beautiful, lush greenery, and mementos from a past life, the video for “What Fire” puts on screen what a lot of us have experienced and often struggle to get past. But as a roaring fire burns bright in the night sky in the closing moments of the video, you realize you’re a different person now, and that’s ok. You’ll put to rest all of the fears and anxieties that come up the dissolution of a friendship and you’ll forge ahead into more fulfilling relationships. 

Born in Oman and having moved to Thornhill, Ontario, Canada when she was seven years old, Mathew now resides in Toronto. Having been exposed to music her whole life, there was never a time where Mathew wasn’t influenced by music, but it wasn’t until high school when she realized she had some musical talent of her own. After challenging herself to learn how to play her favourite song on the guitar, she was inspired to begin writing and performing her own music.

Mathew was a busker in Toronto for a few years after winning a Subway Musician License for the Toronto Transit Commission. It was while busking that she met JUNO award-winning musician Bob Wiseman who later introduced Jane to grant funding opportunities within Canada. 

With her mesmerizing vocals, and powerful presence, “What Fire” proves that Jane Mathew is an artist to watch, and she has cemented herself as one of Toronto’s, if not Canada’s, top rising artists. 


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