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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Lana Love’s Otherworldly New Video for “Loaded Gun”

By: Staff –

Emerging alt-pop artist Lana Love is back her otherworldly new video for “Loaded Gun”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

Backed by a choir of electric and acoustic guitars, Love’s single underscores the internal battle she faces within herself, as the different sides of her identity are at odds with each other.

The music video for “Loaded Gun” conjures up images of classic western films with a space age twist, finding Love as a lone ranger in a desert and battling a dark hologram of herself. “The music video was heavily inspired by my pandemic-induced StarWars/Mandalorian binge,” Love admits.

“If Post Malone and Lady Gaga (Joanne era) had a song baby, she would be ‘Loaded Gun’,” said Love. “I wanted this song to transport the listener to a Post-Apocalyptic Western duel. Production-wise: every element was live recorded from analog to digital. The trap beat was created with trigger pulls, spinning spurs, a 1960s saloon piano, Post Malone inspired 808s, an anti-chorus ear-gasm, and original background vocals we kept in from the demo I recorded in my bedroom. I truly believe Matt Genovese is the only producer who could’ve accomplished this sound in the way he did. This song is about shooting yourself in the foot just when things start to get good. We all have a dark side that gets to us sometimes – a classic self-sabotage story. The lyrics shine a light on that self-defeating behavioral pattern in faith that we have power to change the narrative of who wins.

In the past, Love has performed with the Philharmonic, Disney, and Warner Bros. in over 20 countries. When she’s not in the studio or performing, Love is busy embracing her entrepreneurial spirit as she joins the ranks alongside the few women that have broken the digital currency barrier with an NFT venture on the horizon – “Ego Go” recently sold as an NFT on Rarible.com and is set to be featured on the front page… and she’s the only female artist represented on the site. 

Don’t sleep on Lana Love’s new self-titled EP, which drops on October 1st. Completely self-owned, this EP will share the story of Love’s turbulent experience in the music industry –featuring a plethora of genre shifts, fervent heartbreak, and medical stress. More info here.



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