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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Leather Apron Revival’s New Video for “8 Years Free”

By: Staff –

Emerging British Columbia-based rock band Leather Apron Revival is back with their new video for “8 Years Free”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below

“8 Years Free” is the 2nd single from Leather Apron Revival’s new album Light & Shadow, which is set for release on January 28th. The band came up with the idea for the guitar driven grunge-fueled track in the unlikeliest of places—on top of a mountain.  

“We had a very rare, full day to ourselves, while waiting to play a show one night at a helicopter access only backcountry lodge,” says bassist Grady Pasiechnyk. “And we came up with this idea of a guy on the run for a crime he had no choice but to commit, and for 8 years he’d managed to fly under the radar, until one day he was busted just sitting at the bar in a no name town. We had to get creative recording the song, specifically starting it, as we’d always just practiced by me yelling ‘2-3-4’ and we’d all hit the first note. Our producer, Leeroy, had us set up to record live off the floor, so Lennan needed to be set up in an isolation booth to play guitar and do vocals while Jeff and I were in the main room. This meant Lennan couldn’t hear me yell out the start of the song. Leeroy ended up having to count us in on the talk-back mic, and we thought it sounded so cool that we left it in the final mix and made it the start of the album.” 

Leather Apron Revival is a 3-piece rock & roll outfit from the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia. Their vintage sounds are warm, deep and rich with visceral grooves and bluesy riffs. Their music combines thoughtful songwriting and powerful melodies to create a timeless yet modern rock soundscape with a dash of vintage Canadiana.

Lennan Delaney (Vocals, Guitar) Grady Pasiechnyk (Vocals, Bass) and Jeff Rees (Drums) formed Leather Apron Revival in 2017 with a shared passion to create original material. The ambitious group has an “old soul” dynamic and vibe that is sure to entertain. With frontman Delaney’s tried and true professional music chops and his experience touring across North America, their palpable chemistry and the diverse musical palette of the trio allow the band to effortlessly slide between modern rock and neo-soul. Their rapid evolution has cemented them as the emerging rock & roll band to watch in Canada.  

Armed with Light & Shadow, their new full-length album produced by Leeroy Stagger and mastered by John Greenham, the band is poised to reach new audiences and bring their high-energy rock & roll sound to new heights. 



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