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Exclusive: Stream Zoocrates’ New Curated Spotify Playlist Feat. Songs That Inspired Her New Album “Bug in the System”

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of Montreal-based artist Zoocrates’ new album Bug in the System, the one-girl-band curated an exclusive Spotify playlist that features songs that inspired the album. Check it out below!

Muse – “The Dark Side”

So many moments of my life musicalized by Muse, it’s always hard to choose just one song. Simulation Theory is the perfect album for driving, it makes you feel powerful and stylish. I actually played it on repeat while road tripping from Winnipeg to Montreal. Three days of pure joy, beautiful landscapes, different kinds of weather and of course great music.

Radiohead – “Exit Music (For A Film)”

Words are not enough to describe how beautiful this song is and how much Radiohead means to me.

Coldplay – “Everything’s Not Lost”

Reminds me of my way through the Conservatory of music where I studied. My friend and I used to talk about this song and it feels nostalgic.

Gustavo Cerati – “Magia”

Gustavo is my favorite Argentinian artist of all time. The song title describes perfectly what this album is: an absolute magical trip. There’s a phrase off his song “Adios” that I’d like to highlight since I think a lot of us can relate: ‘you play sad songs to feel better’. Isn’t that the story of our lives?

Beck – “The Golden Age”

When I think of an artist that explores and mixes genres fearlessly, I think of Beck, he’s so creative! Those acoustic guitars take me to another dimension and I can’t help feeling melancholic, just like childhood memories.

Científicos del palo – “Camino”

This band from my hometown Mar del Plata inspires with their virtuous guitars, great production and clever and relatable lyrics. This song is raw and realistic but at the same time loads you with energy.

Steven Wilson ft. Ninet Tayeb – “Routine”

A roller coaster of emotions! Every mood is in this song. Ninet’s amazing and expressive voice plus Steven’s genius make the perfect duet.

Foo Fighters – “Outside”

I like to imagine video clips while listening to songs and this one isn’t the exception. Every time I listen to it I think of someone going through different rooms at a labyrinthic house looking for finally getting out (kinda Radiohead’s “Daydreaming”).

Franz Ferdinand – “Twilight Omens”

It’s early 2000s, I’m starting to discover music along with La Ley (from Chile), Linkin Park, RHCP and boom! Franz Ferdinand with their nice trippy indie rock breaks in. I love their synths and vocal harmonies inspired by The Beatles.

Half Moon Run – “Full Circle”

I got into their song “Favorite Boy” thanks to one of my students and since then I couldn’t stop catching up with their discography. I’m a fan of guitars, especially acoustic and classical, so that instrumentation and vocals sound like a dream to me.


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