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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Olivia Wik’s Dynamic New Single “Let’s Dance” 

By: Staff –

Emerging Canadian singer-songwriter Olivia Wik is back with her new single “Let’s Dance”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

Written by Wik and produced by ‘Towers’ (Brad Simons and Brandon Unis), “Let’s Dance” taps into the Edmonton-based artist’s established foundation as a singer-songwriter but adds a timeless retro-pop production as a fresh twist. The artist’s sultry vocals blended with deep bass and strong horns add modern sensibilities to the track’s romantic energy.

Wik says, “This was a rare moment where the song came to me fully-formed in my head. I knew what it had to sound like, what I wanted to say, and how it had to be said. ‘Let’s Dance’ is all about having a connection so intense that when you’re finally allowed to have an intimate moment with someone, it feels like full electricity. This song lives in the heat of that moment with someone.” 

As her first new music of 2022, “Let’s Dance” builds on her past single releases as a solo artist (“Over and Over” and “When I Was Drunk”) and comes just as her recognition as a songwriter is reaching new heights.

Having also written with songwriters as far away as Sweden, Finland, Japan, England, and Barbados, Wik gained international awareness just a few weeks ago for co-writing “See You Again”, which was recorded by Ovi Jacobsen and Paula Seling, and selected as the Romanian submission to the New European Songbook, a co-production of the European Broadcast Union and Eurovision.    

With “Let’s Dance”, Wik is continuing to follow her dual path as an artist and songwriter and is using this single to showcase the best of both of her passions. Another single, “Write Me In It”, is also in the works for release later this year. In the meantime, she hopes that audiences will be inspired by the hot and heavy vibes of “Let’s Dance” to let the sparks fly with someone special.

“I want people to sing it, dance to it, and use it as a not-so-subtle way to nudge their crushes and say, ‘I want you.’”



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