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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Lauren Waller’s New Single “Dopamine”

By: Staff –

Emerging Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Lauren Waller is back with her new single “Dopamine”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“The first lyric that I came up with was “fell in love with the idea of falling for a stranger,” said Waller. “I became enamored with that line, that strange fascination with finding an immediate spark with a stranger. But then you fall into a cycle of trying to find “the one” and changing bits and pieces about yourself to try to fit better. Thankfully, my co-writers and producers, Ryan Benyo and Monte Malone, brought the song to life and understood exactly how to convey that feeling: something a little mysterious, edgy, and haunting. There are so many little gems in the production that you have to listen more carefully for, but there are clever, ear-catching moments that will make you want to rewind and listen again immediately. To me, Dopamine is an ode to falling in “love” too fast and the rush that comes with it.”

Waller, the Los Angeles based indie pop artist, is not one you want to miss. Her unique grunge meets pop meets 1980’s dark wave is textured and her personal and vulnerable lyrics of love, mystery, passion, and confessional poetry adds to the layers and layers of intimacy. 

“Dopamine,” her dark yet electric pop song, like Lorde meets Ingrid Michaelson with an overall sound in the same vein as Katy Perry’s “ET.” “Dopamine” explores Waller’s vocal range, diversity of style, and her masterful storytelling. 

The music itself has a deeper and darker feeling than any standard pop song, with the electronic pulses almost alien-like. It gives a feeling of intensity while also giving a disconnected vibe. Waller sings “…fell in love with the idea of falling for a stranger,” adding to her narrative of giving herself a rush while also feeling outside herself. The beautiful blend of the sounds and the lyrics is like something you can almost touch. 

Waller doesn’t mind exploring her range. Her musical artistry is unmatched even by the big names in pop. Her talent is something to keep an eye on because she will change the world. 



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