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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Emblematics’ Spacey New Single “An Impact”

By: Staff –

Calgary-based indie rock band Emblematics are back with their spacey new single “An Impact”, which can be streamed below.

Many musicians have increased their creative output during the pandemic, but Calgary indie rock group Emblematics are taking it to a whole other level. The group released their Wavelength EP in late 2020 and now they’re getting ready to launch their 2nd pandemic EP Navigation on April 22nd.

“‘An Impact’ is a surly, spacey song, and was the first track demoed for the EP,” says vocalist/guitarist Michael Yun. “It essentially started as a simple synth-pop song by playing around with a keyboard patch, and we then tried to mess it up more by layering different ambient type guitars and effects on it. The lyrics fit with the general theme of the EP: coping with an anxiety event.”An Impact’ will be available on March 25th on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, and other digital retailers and streaming services worldwide.

Formed during their university days, Emblematics is an indie rock band based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. What began as an educational distraction eventually evolved into a full-blown musical experiment, a deep foray into swooning art rock. Emblematics’ music has been described as “British influenced, post-rock chamber pop,” dominated by atmospheric synths, crashing piano chords and jangly Telecaster riffs. The band’s songs reflect a unique blend of their influences, artists such as Radiohead, Blur, Grizzly Bear, and Joy Division. During the past decade, Emblematics have created a lengthy body of work; every new recording building and expanding on the sonic foundation of the previous one.

In 2021, Emblematics began work on their latest release, Navigation. Due to pandemic restrictions, most of the individual tracks were created in isolation, though the band managed to organize a single outdoor session to gather ideas. Song lyrics started to take on a common theme, discussing the concepts of anxiety, everyday unease and the ability to cope. Musically, what began as a collection of simple acoustic demos morphed into intricately layered pieces, bringing together different elements of ambient music, shoegaze and synth-pop. In the end, Navigation became Emblematics’ documentation of the current times, an ode to the sometimes fragile state of one’s mental well being. Navigation is due for release in April 2022.

Emblematics · An Impact


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