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Exclusive: Stream Léonie Gray’s New Curated Spotify Playlist

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of Léonie Gray’s new single “Monsters and Echoes”, the rising Quebec-based soul/R&B artist curated an exclusive Spotify playlist featuring songs that have inspired both the new single and her throughout her life.

ELIZA – ‘Wasn’t looking”

There’s such a simplicity to this song with the bass and drums as main instruments. The raspy voice adds so much flavor, and the vibe is immaculate. An honest song that catches your attention.

Lady Wray – “Guilty”

I love the retro sound of this piece. The background vocals feel just as if they were from the 50’s. I absolutely adore when artists mix modern with retro. I relate so much with the lyrics, this truly stuck with me when I was going through a tough time.

Celeste – “lately”

This one is heavy, heart breaking and makes me feel so vulnerable. The chorus sounds like a cry from the heart. Celeste’s almost out of breath, breaking voice is a delight. Every time I hear this song I cannot stop myself from shouting the chorus. I remember when I first heard it, and I obsessively listened to it for months.

Baby Rose – “Borderline”

Baby Rose has a very particular tone that will catch your attention right away. I found this song very inspiring, it sounds like a complaint, a need to be heard and seen.
This is the song that made me want to learn how to play piano. I felt the urge to learn it to be able to sing it my way.

Joy Crookes – “Anyone but me”

If you don’t know Joy Crookes yet, I really hope you will love her as much as I do. I discovered her music a few years ago, and completely fell for her sound, her genre as well as her message. She truly inspired me to write more about my mental health and it really helped me through therapy.

Hope Tala – “All my girls like to fight”

The lyrics of this song are just like a feminist anthem. I love how she sounds like a threat, while remaining calm. Just like a fearless, divine goddess. This song truly feels empowering and the idea that women are standing up for each other is comforting.

Feist – “The Water”

It’s summer 2007, I’m a teenager living with my parents, my mom just cleaned the entire house, the windows are open, there’s a nice breeze, my dad just came back from the record store and tells me about an artist he discovered because her album was playing on the store’s radio. Since that evening, I have listened to the album almost every day. To this day, the entire album The Reminder has the same effect on my brain, it makes me feel safe.

Cleo Sol – “Why don’t you”

The first 5 seconds of this song will get you hooked. Cleo Sol has such a warm voice, her flow is simple yet perfect, she’s good at leaving you wanting more. For some strange reason, this piece makes me feel like melted butter.

Amy Winehouse – “Some unholy war – Down Tempo”

The darkness of this version of Amy’s “Some Unholy war” is just as satisfying as its sadness. It’s no secret that Amy Winehouse is one of my greatest inspirations. Her timeless style is what I love the most, with the melancholia of her lyrics. I often find myself in her never ending ache.

Les Louanges – “DMs”

This over-talented artist from my province (Québec) truly stands out as there’s a very particular style to him that is hard to describe. His ability to write such great lyrics and rhymes paired with the instrumentation of his songs is astonishing. This is the kind of music that never really ages in my heart and I live for this.


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