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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Rachel Cousins’ Empowering New Single “For Myself”

By: Staff –

Canadian pop vocalist Rachel Cousins is back with her anthemic new single “For Myself”, which can be streamed exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

Empowering, soulful, and packed with incredible vocals and harmonies, “For Myself” is a song that stays true to Cousins’ early 2000’s Pop sound while seamlessly blending in modern R&B elements. Written shortly after a breakup, the song eloquently delivers the universal message that there’s nothing wrong with taking time and doing things for oneself. Through it’s enveloping rhythm, positive lyrics, and dreamy vocal layers, “For Myself” is both an affirmation and anthem that will put any listener in a good mood. A self proclaimed “people pleaser”, Cousins uses “For Myself” to move away from doing the things that make other people happy that at the same time compromise her own feelings. Through her uplifting new anthem, Cousins once again showcases her incredible vocal talent, beautifully crafted lyrics, and ability to inspire.

“Inspired by early 2000’s pop and R&B, the song is a groovy and empowering dance-pop number that speaks the importance of self-care and living your truth day by day, without the need for a significant other,” said Cousins.

At 20 years old, Cousins is emerging as one of Atlantic Canada’s most promising pop artists. She’s winning over fans and writing her story, one compelling composition at a time.

Since releasing her debut 5-song EP This Fire in 2017, Cousins has demonstrated her ability to weave pop melodies with folk, rock, and electronic influences. Because of this, you’ll find her voice featured on tracks from a diverse roster of Newfoundland’s most successful artists. Most notably, the 2020 collaboration album Songs from Home was produced with funding from Music NL’s “Press On” program and showcased Cousins alongside Alan Doyle, Fortunate Ones, The Ennis Sisters, and The Once.

Cousins’ talent as a vocalist and songwriter is no secret in her home province, where she has collected 6 Music NL nominations and was named the Pop Artist of the Year for 2020 and again for 2021. St. John’s non-profit organization Stella’s Circle commissioned Cousins to write and perform the song Just Sing! with their “Inclusion Choir” in 2019. Cousins is also the only NL artist to have a song (“Arrow of Love”) published through Hal Leonard, who arranged the song for choir in the Henry Lenk, Creating Artistry series.


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