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Exclusive: Stream James Favron’s New Curated “Hamilton Heat” Spotify Playlist Feat. The Hottest Songs From Hamilton Artists

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of James Favron’s new track “Better Days,” which features a verse from fellow Hamiltonian LTtheMonk, the Hamilton-based hip-hop artist curated a brand new exclusive Spotify playlist called “Hamilton Heat” featuring the hottest songs from Hamilton-based artists. Stream it exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

James Favron – “Better Days REMIX (ft. LTtheMonk)”

You know what it is! 

LTtheMonk – “The Lo”

This song is a perfect blend of quality rapping over a beat that you can’t help but move to. 

Flowzus – “Turbulence” 

This song is so dreamy, take me away Flowzus! 

Smoothie Lou – “Cinnamon”

Smoothie brings that hard hitting energy every time! In fact every Friday!

Caerpackage – “Family Close”

Brothers making hits about Family, together? Caerpackge does it with style. 

Ktriggs – “Home Town”

Ktriggs is a man for the City! This instrumental (Produced by Nomai) goes hard and the bars don’t disappoint! 

Boxcar Ben  – “Ghosts of Yesterday”

I love the emotion in this song, and Ben’s voice is fantastic. 

Angus The Guru – “Indictment”

This is one of those songs you gotta close your eyes and let it take your mind for a ride. Beautiful work by The Guru. 

Wes Gray – “Caught My Eye”

Oooooo a lil latin flavour. Wes Brings a real clean flow to this ‘I like it’ inspired instrumental.

Remmorii – “Wishing Well”

Hailing from Brampton, Remmorii makes the list because I first saw him at a show in Hamilton, and I got mad love for him and wanted him on the list. “Wishing Well” covers all the bases for me, just an overall great song! 

ParkfromCC – “Everything”

I can’t explain it but something about this song feels nostalgic. I love it!

TR4TH & Ty-Rex – “Dlb”

Just check the whole EP honestly, this project goes hard! 


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